my mother and her husband are both devout Catholics.  they go to Church a good 3-4 times per week.  so i was a bit surprised to find out, while having drinks on Xmas Eve, that neither of them had read the Bible.  for me, this confirmed what we suspect about most Believers - that they have no idea what in the hell the Bible says. 

still, they are lifelong Catholics who are in their 60's.  how can you be an ardent follower of your chosen faith without ever reading the Holy Book that your faith is based upon?  it also reminds me just how it is possible for so many Christians to behave so unlike their savior.  they don't know what he was.  they have some preconceived notion of a Jesus who loves them and died for their sins, but they don't even know the basics of his ministry.  i think they must be attached to the miraculous - the walking on water, the turning water into wine, the virgin birth, coming back from the dead - without giving much thought to what made him so important in the first place (assuming, that is, that he even existed at all). 

so for my part, i went out and bought them a Bible.  my Mom thought it was a very thoughtful gift and said they would display it in their dining room.  i doubt they have any intention of reading it.  just like their religion, it's gonna be all show without any substance.  sums it up perfectly. 

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LOL Christine!  Maybe she could read your thoughts when you're done with it! ;)


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