I'm a bit too lazy to sort through all of our group's discussions to see whether this exists already, but it's an interesting topic (to me, anyway). I'd like people to suggest, in whatever language they wish, words that do not exist but ought to. I'll start with an example: I think that English should include a word "malefit" that is an antonym for "benefit". I realize we have "drawback", but it just ain't the same.

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Hmmm...let me think on militant skepticism.
Yes, but to average Joe that just sounds like you are jaded and suspicous of everythig. Most won't know who Diogenes was. I really do like rejectionism, though. Maybe the dictionary will just have to include my new definition of that word. :P
Most won't know who Diogenes was, but that doesn't mean mean one can't reclaim the word Cynicism. Especially if the initial C is pronounced as a hard C (or the second, for that matter).
There appears to be no word for an all-too-common trait in humans: Arrogant ignorance. Ignorant and proud of it. Anti-intellectualism covers part of it, but the kind of virulent know-nothingism prevalent amongst Teabaggers is really shocking, and apparently unnamed.
IDK, there are a lot of words in the thesaurus for ignorant that I would use for such people. But you want something with more ummph?

Oh, I know, I know: conservative republican. Perfect.
Well, those are the kind of people I'm trying to describe, even though the GOP hasn't been actually conservative for decades--reactionary, plutocratic, autocratic, and theocratic, yes, but not conservative.

But I digress. Ignorant and its synonyms aren't sufficient. The kind of moron that can carry a sign that says, "Keep your government hands off my Medicare", is who I'm talking about--fantastically uninformed yet quite certain they are the brightest light in the room, if not the last, best hope for human civilization.

Maybe 'teabagger' will suffice.
Well, considering that the name of the movement is itself a deeply ignorant reference to both an historical event and a sexual maneuver, that could fit pretty well. But I prefer a generic term that would apply outside of politics. I think ignoranus does rather well.
amongst Teabaggers is really shocking, and apparently unnamed.

RE: My above comment.

Oh, you already sorta implied that. I guess I only read the first line of your comment.
There appears to be no word for an all-too-common trait in humans: Arrogant ignorance.

Proudignorasininamus? Ignorasininamus? Ignoranus?
Perfect. And it's already on UrbanDictionary. The adjective form isn't there yet, though--ignoranal. "Wow. He's completely ignoranal."


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