Well preserved bone marrow from a woolly mammoth has been recovered in Siberia. A team of Russian and Japanese scientists has announced that it will use it in an attempt to clone a woolly mammoth within five years.


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The team may have been unsuccessful in a previous attempt:


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Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,  mammoth burgers are coming!

Sounds fascinating - I hope they succeed.  

wow - that's wild - although they will need to use an egg and womb of another animal won't they?  Or just the womb?

They use the egg of an elephant and the gestation is in an elephant. I hope the tusks aren't very large at birth!

"They use the egg of an elephant and the gestation is in an elephant. I hope the tusks aren't very large at birth!"

With this cloning procedure, the cloned animal will be a cross between an elephant and the mammoth. Am I correct?


no, it will be a complete genetic and phenotypical copy of the mammoth, from which the genetic material has been taken.

oh like dolly the sheep..... they hollow out the egg....

so half mammoth and half elephant! :)

No. The hollow egg has no elephant genes. All of the genes are the same as the mammoth they got the bone marrow from.

Why would it take five years?


I assume the technique does not always take. In the abstract you will see a link that suggests they failed in a previous attempt. I suppose they will have to make arrangements to have an elephant carry the fetus.

Cool, maybe I'll get a pet mammoth for Christmas :P


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