Will religion and belief in the supernatural be around until humans become extinct?

I went to a forum at my college about the future of religion. All the speakers at the event agreed that religion will be around until the human species becomes extinct. They stated this was the case because of religion's use for social cohesion, morality, and explaining what science can't explain. One speaker even said religion is an evolutionary adaptation, which I'm not sure is a good argument for religion always being around or remaining dominant in society. Evolution shows us how organisms change over time, so it's not inconceivable that belief in the supernatural could decrease in the distant future or go away completely even if it is an evolutionary adaptation.

Recently in the news, there was a story about "The Church of Atheism," and when a speaker at the event brought it up in jest. But it made me wonder if groups like The Church of Atheism proved that social cohesion could be achieved without belief in the supernatural. People come together and form cohesive groups when they share similar values and beliefs no matter what they may be.

I went away from it thinking that even if people always have faith or be prone to believing in the supernatural, they may not always set up societies that have prominent religious influence. The number of secularists is on the rise in Europe and even in the United States. Because of this, I think one would be lacking in imagination if they couldn't see a world in which societies are made up mostly of secularists. 

What do you think? Disregarding how you feel about religion personally, do you think humans will always invent gods and form religions? or do you think one day religion and belief in god(s) will become extinct?

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I probably stated this elsewhere, but I think it's worth repeating: so long as man can think irrationally and is lazy enough not to be bothered with thinking rationally, religion or some form of woo is liable to be with us.  Again, belief is easy, especially when someone else tells you what to believe.  Thinking for yourself, getting your own answers and sifting the wheat from the chaff is HARD, and there are still plenty of people out there who take the path of least resistance.

And therein lies the problem.

I still remember a Sunday school teacher in my early church days who said about the bible, "they spoke so strangely in those days." She meant the 1611 King James English, of course. BTW, "hast thoueth been saveth?" (I think there's a lisp in the room.)

People like this might be shocked to find that Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John are not common names in Israel, and they are likely to believe that the last name of Jesus was "Christ." (I saw an independent OTR truck driver once who had painted up his rig religiously and on the side it said "his name was Jesus Christ, and it's not a swear word.")

Just as likely again "the religious" in America have been known to lament the fact that Mexicans degrade the name of Jesus by naming their children after him, but they call the name "hey souse."

I'm wondering how stupid can you be? It's no wonder that christians don't get it!

Funny stuff, Michael.

Haven't been in a church in a long time except maybe a Southern Baptist one here in the South for a wedding or funeral, but I'm remembering that in the fairly formal Methodist church where I grew up in St. Louis, there was a separate prayer language and protocol full of "thy" and "thou" and "hast" and "dost" and so on. Huh???? Like their invisible friend had a preference?

Do churches still do that? (This was definitely from the pulpit, but I think if someone other than the minister had to "deliver" a prayer, the same awkward language was used.)

We don't have to stretch our imagination too much for an answer to this question. All the trends suggest that belief in religion is declining. Christianity gives an appearance of growth because its proselytizing among the poor and the less educated but eventually, they too will change as education improves and poverty declines among them. This is a race against tile for religion which it is bound to loose. It is incorrect to believe that errors of the past will persist all along the future in spite of expansion of knowledge.


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