At the outset of this discussion I want to make it perfectly clear that I understand that there are many Americans who own and use guns responsibly. Obviously declaring gun ownership in America to be unconstitutional would be an unfair blow to those Americans who do use guns responsibly. Having said that, I think a real discussion about the use of guns in our society is long overdue. Below I’ll list some statistics about the number of Americans killed and injured by guns. Then I’ll paste a link to an article about a man with a history of mental illness and domestic violence who used a gun to murder his wife and daughter. A second daughter is currently in critical condition. I’m hoping that, in the comment section, some of you intelligent people can convince me why guns should continue being so routed in our culture.


In 2009, guns took the lives of 31,347 Americans. To put that in perspective, in 2009 an average of 85 Americans were killed each day. In 2009, 66,769 Americans were treated for gunshot wounds at American hospitals. In 2009, firearms were the third leading cause of injury-related deaths in America.  In 2009 guns were used in 68 percent of all the homicides that were committed in America. On average 33 gun-related homicides took place each day in America between 2004 and 2009.


Between 1955 and 1975 the Vietnam War killed over 58,000 American soldiers. That number is less than the number of Americans killed by guns in America during an average two-year period. In the first seven years of the Iraq War more than 4,400 American soldiers were killed. Almost as many civilians are killed by guns in the US in an average seven-week period.


Those statistics can be found at: The article about the mentally-ill man who shot his family is at:


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I was also going to bring up cars Joe.

Yes they are very useful tools, when the time calls for them and they are used for for sport and competition. I don't have the facts on this, but highly doubt very many people are injured or killed at competitions. As for hunting, accidents do happen and its usually do to negligence, ex: not wearing an orange vest or when your bird hunting not paying attention to where you are shooting etc. 

Not to mention some of my family relies on hunting and fishing heavily to support themselves. I don't kill anything when I am hunting anymore(so I guess I'm just observing most of the time) unless someone actually needs the meat. Yes there are people who still rely on hunting and fishing, they also plant their own gardens. There are bows, but they are only really useful for deer and boar, try killing smaller game with a bow, I doubt there is anyone who can do that consistently, if there is , its a rare feat. Not to mention bows are not anywhere near as effective and I would almost consider it inhumane to kill something with a bow, considering the animals tend to live more often or live longer. Plus they severely lack in range vs a gun.

I would also like to add, its very hard to gauge how many people guns save versus how many they kill, and I think a push to teach proper safety and maintenance would drastically reduce deaths attributed to guns, since it isn't going anywhere soon.  

Also if anyone decided to invade our country(however unlikely that is already), The fact that many Americans it further decreases that likelyhood and would severely dampen any invasion. Again not a huge point. 

Personal account on at least one life saved. Someone tried to rob me at knife point about 2 years ago, I have a concealed carry license(I am no stranger and neither is my immediate family, law enforcement, to the horrors this life can bring) and I pulled my gun on this fellow, Neither person died and I retained my money. Now if I wouldn't have had a gun, I would have had a knife(I carry both) we both could have possibly died, I wouldn't have let him take my stuff without a fight. When my adrenaline is pumping, I get angry, fight or flight, if i'm on an even field I fight, If they have the advantage I run or try to make the decision that allows me to live another day. Since I had the advantage and control I was allowed to push the situation the way I wanted it to go, and I don't know the fellow's intent , but I generally wouldn't have taken any chances and would have fought. 

I also think guns get a bad rap is because their original intent was a weapon, but I seem them not just weapons but tools. 

Or we would invent a system that drove our cars for us. Like an invisible railway on our roads guided by GPS. Its not like that isn't already in the works.

Godwin'd by page two. Who didn't see this coming?


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