Being an atheist doesn't mean you worship "satan" or kill babies. So why does the word that merely means a lack in belief in an, in my opinion absurd, God make people cringe as it does? 

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That's along the lines of what I was going to say. If there's no price to be paid for doing so, most people will take the path of least resistance. It's hard standing up and saying the emperor has no clothes. Somebody might threaten to take away your corner office and the BMW along with it.

I think most people will sway with the wind. As long as the theists are the 800 pound gorilla, they will parrot the party line. I don't really think most people give it a whole lot of thought really as it's something they've been taught to believe.

Also, I think we'd be making a mistake in thinking our personal confrontations and arguments change the thinking of many believers. We're nothing but an annoyance to them. We hold no power over them so we're easy to dismiss. That's all part of the numbers game.

In time, if we continue to grow as a demographic, we'll be taken more seriously. Possibly too seriously for a time. Some of these people worry me.

It is war over resources.

I agree with what you are saying Ethan.

Hello, Brittany. Honestly, I believe this can be explained as a bias. Does socalist have to a negative connation? No. However, to many Americans, it does. This is true, I believe, with atheist.

When you believe that all of morality, the world, everything dervives from The Creator, and someone says that he or she does not believe in said god that understandably will cause resitentment. The bias is probably that we, the atheists, stand against everything that we ought to support in their eyes.

Manst capitalists assert with a moral zeal that capitalism is fundamental to a free society.Therefore, a capitalist may see a socalist as morally inferior.

Imagine instead of their country, the belief in God is fundamental to their eternal soul.There is probably no greater afront than saying "I do not believe in any god.".

To many, atheism is immoral.Why does agnostic not carry a similar bias? Agnostism is claiming to not know. Even many theists could safety say such.They can respect it more than denial.


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