Ok, I grew up in an evangelical Christian home and was told that the ultimate goal in life was to be good enough to go to Heaven. Honestly, I never understood what the shit was ever in Heaven besides your basic: God, Jesus, Angels, and an ass load of family members (if they actually made it) who I probably never met.

I am wondering how this is bliss? What do religious people think they are going to do in Heaven? Do they just like the idea, because they are scared of the other made up place with fire instead of clouds?

The Mormons think they are going to have a planet of their own, and will be God, with thousands of virgins for celestial sex to populate their planet. Definitely some nut jobs, but at least they are specific.

What have you been told about Heaven? Why do so many people want to go to this place? I would be interested to know, as I have no clue.

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What have I been told about Heaven? The drinks are too expensive. Better go to another bar down the street.


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