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"Why are red states disproportionately fundamentalist and stupid?"

I suspect it's the other way around, at least with respect to social issues. As the T-shirt says, "You can't fix stupid". I'd like to follow that up with "Stupid is as stupid does", although that might be backwards too. 

Another state falls victim to religion. The union between southerners (and other predominately red states) and religion (well, christianity) is interesting to say the least. I'm from Georgia and go to college in Texas. And I've been between the two states quite a bit so I spend nearly all my time in the heart of the bible belt. It's rather easy to see where low education can lead to outrageous beliefs like those found in christianity. What's more interesting to me is when smart, educated people share those beliefs. I know plenty of people much smarter than me that are devout christians. Religion is so ingrained in society in the south that even those far removed from poverty that are well educated still hold onto those beliefs that often were taught to them as early as possible.  

As a Canadian, I find what I hear/read, or see on the tube about the south, is a stunner of a shock to say the least. 

Many are still living in the 19th century. Canadians are smart. The only things they hold only from the past are architectural (e.g. Montreal).

Talk about a waste of time.  I fully expect the ACLU to fall on this stupidity like a ton of bricks the instant it's signed.


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