who tried oujia board here?

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I admit it, I tried ouija board, like, when I was a teenager. It told me I'd die a virgin at the age of 20.
I tried it when I was bout 6 or 7 with my older sisters... seemed quite silly to me. They were asking about dead relatives we had never met. After that when they were using the Ouija Board I would hide out and make spooky noises or try to scare them.

I didn't try the Ouija board because the Magic 8 Ball said it wouldn't work. 


Actually, my grandmother had a Ouija board and my cousins and I played with it, but I didn't really get what was supposed to happen and thought the whole thing was stupid. 

so funny; I wonder if parkbros mattel whatever's ceo is a fundie mormon owner of the product LOL
I played with one at a slumber party in junior high.  The light bulb exploded in the room we were in, we got scared and went to bed.
My experience was similar to ally's except I didn't make spooky noises. It was so long ago I don't remember well, but as I recall for me it was a big nothing. My mom didn't want me messing with it. I guess she believed it to be spooky somehow. I didn't get it tho. And for me it was just this bottle cap sized object on a board with numbers and letters that did not do anything at all.

I imagine I could just barely read back then and asked if my sister was a poi poo head and put the marker on "yes".
Yep, I was a kid.  Of course we all knew that someone was pushing that thingy around the board (I mean one of us was, lol).
I tried it at a slumber party when I was ten. Wasn't impressed.
I tried one at a sleep over when I was a kid. About 5 minutes in I passed out; I woke up the next morning and everyone else was dead. I try not to think about it too often.


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