Recently a young man was persued, prosecuted and jailed because he he didn't believe in God. Why all the ruckus? He is damned by scripture, so, why does anyone care?

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Think about the children!!! We have to protect the children!!!


Actually, I think it's a projection of power. By flexing their muscle, they give others the impression they should be respected. I believe many of the religious worship power itself. Not justice, not compassion, not truth, just power. It's a win-win from the religious perspective. Those doing the prosecuting can score points with the religious crowd (or just behave like bullies for their own personal satisfaction). The religious crowd can point at the prosecutors and vicariously claim righteousness by supporting them, either vocally or with votes.

This crap will continue anywhere people choose not to stand up against it.

That seems to be right on the point. It is a power-trip of which even the poor can partake. Now I know that when I debate locally why I'm asked to check my brain at the door--they want it to be a fair fight. LOL

Believers can be so self-rightous that they will judge other people and carry out 'gods sentence' often in a cruel and under-handed manner. They are often two-faced and will say 'god bless' rather than genuinely give of themselves. They are just giving you shit.

They're dangerous scum.

I care.

Agreed! I believe  the majority of people  in the country are nonbelievers, they just don't know it. Everytime a doctor is seen, a pill is taken, or avoid walking in the dark, they are saying they don't believe that God will be there to bail them out. Have you heard this one in response to "How are you doing?"

"I'm blessed and highly favored."  Say what? I've heard it before, but it creased my lips in a tight smile when a stripper answered my question in that way. Yes, I've been to a strip joint.  It wasn't that the woman was a stripper--oh hell, yes it was. I just couldn't see how. Perhaps, she spoke of her wealth or something else I overlooked. (LOL)

Maybe she should have said she was twice blessed? n.n


Because an example must be made of him.  Religion does not allow you free choice: it's full of rewards and punishments to frighten the wayward.

I think it was William Tyndale that fell into disrepute after publishing a version of the Bible and was strangled to death. Later he was dug up and burned. Apparrently, God's eternal punishment is not enough for human beings--or--they of little faith don't believe there will be sufficient follow through. Of course, it might be that they are just ignorant, superstitious and mean people. Maybe, they really don't believe and would rather risk insulting God by doing its job, than waiting to go to heaven.
As pointed out, even one dissenter is dangerous to encompassing doctrine.

Why anyone cares these days is a good question. In the past non-believers, especially in Britain, were considered a threat to the social order because they might influence the lower social orders against the government. Religion has always been a way of keeping the poor from revolting against their condition. They could look forward to better conditions in the afterlife.

Thus, "the opiate of the masses."


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