Recently a young man was persued, prosecuted and jailed because he he didn't believe in God. Why all the ruckus? He is damned by scripture, so, why does anyone care?

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"Fantastic doctrines (like Christianity or Islam or Marxism) require unanimity of belief. One dissenter casts doubt on the creed of millions. Thus the fear and hate; thus the torture chamber, the iron stake, the gallows, the labor camp, the psychiatric ward." —Edward Abbey

Because they are dumb and afraid.

"why does anyone care?" Because scripture is the work of man, as is religion and dogma and litany and principles and practices. To be "pursued, prosecuted and jailed because he didn't believe in God" makes as much sense as footbinding. There are always winners and losers in these traditions and the ones making the rules do so for a reason. Is it power-over? Greed? Hubris? Delusions? It doesn't matter, being damned by scripture is the attitude and behavior of an uneducated, foolish, lazy, or crazy individual and institution. 

Those who do the pursuing, prosecuting and jailing need a dose of their own medicine. 



Right Joan I agree!

The reasons listed so far are the ones I've been guessing at. I guess I am still amazed after all of these years that anyone gives a damn what atheists think, if they burn in hell or drop off the earth forever. For a group much vilified, it amazes me how much attention they pay to what the damned have to say and how far they'll go to make the unbelievable undecipherable, implausible and thoroughly impossible. Meanwhile, they give nonbelievers plenty of press. No one was concerned about gays until the religious found a way to insert it into politics; and, as many predicted it only took a decade of negativity to put people on the pro majority side of the ledger. Leaving well-enough along it not a long suit for most believers. Just a century ago, it was okay to castigate others because not everyone had access to information; however, today, with digital communications even Tibetan monks are wired. Go figure. Although, I understand--I still don't get it.

Something else to keep in mind, Donald: some of them, maybe quite a few, are scared shitless of us and for multiple reasons:

  • We're out of their control AND their leaders' control.
  • We're the ones saying that the Emperor has no clothes ... and at some level, they may know he doesn't.
  • We think for ourselves and ask the hard questions, something they have been told not to do in many cases.

They hate us because we have the potential to pull their house of cards down around them, and so they desperately react to keep that house of cards standing and their delusion intact.  So far, they're managing, but for how much longer?  That's a question well worth an answer.

Control! delusions! denial! Pretty potent rationale for dysfunctional behaviors.  

I guess I just never spent any time thinking about it. People I despise don't receive much communication from me even though I keep them under close scrutiny. I do care about what they think, but I rarely say anything because it is betterthat would hurt you think you are unprepared. Still, it rankles me. Let us burn and tend to their own business.

Ya! remain silent and listen to their delusions; when the time is right, drop a bunker bomb to challenge their thinking. "You believe WHAT!?" and then give forth a hearty laugh. 

Ooh! No that is special!
Thank you so much. I made an assumption and I see now what I have reaped. I absolutely never thought of it from that point. I can see hwere they might be concerned. I have always thought for myself and have paid the price for doing so, but I have also been rewarded in many other areas where people value a straight-shooter. Again, thank you and now I don't feel so silly broaching this issue at my age. LOL

Hey, you don't ask; you don't learn.  Hope we helped here.


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