Which is the fastest growing religion and do you think it will outgrow the raising levels of non-believers?

Every major religion keeps nagging on about how it's the fastest growing religion in the world. Non-religiosity/Atheism is also growing in Europe and America, but is it growing at a faster or slower rate than the religions?

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Technically speaking I'm pretty sure that it's wicca, and wicca is a flavor of bullshit that is rivalled only by the likes of scientology and raelianism.
I am an Egyptian-American recovering ex-Muslim. Apparently according to some articles I've read the Chinese have taken to Islam and eventually the majority of the Muslims in the world will be Chinese. This is actually going to be great for a few reasons, first what the Chinese have already done with the religion is pissing off the Saudis. Apparently the Chinese are already allowing women to be Imams (Islamic priests of sorts) which piss off the Saudis who don't even allow women to drive cars. I cannot wait until they turn Islam over on it's head and introduce elements of their own culture to the religion. Can you imagine the incorporation of that gold cat statue you see in every Chinese restaurant worked into a mosque?


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