Where do atheists stand? (or) The folly of political prejudice.

Republican candidates in this years primary have increasingly linked secularism and atheism with what is nowadays called liberalism. This charge that all atheists are Marxists is really starting to bother me. First of all I consider myself a Libertarian. It is the only political doctrine that I can reconcile with my version of atheism. In a nutshell, Libertarianism strives to retain as much personal liberty (and with that, responsibility) as possible at all times. I get that. 

I also got to thinking that I am not the only atheist that gets offended as there are as many political doctrines as there religions. So my question is "As an atheist (secularist) what political doctrine do you subscribe to?"

I won't be debating the pro's and con's of the responses so feel free to let your political hopes and aspirations soar. I am willing to bet that we're not all "liberals" though.

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Here we go:

Well, Hello, Dalai!

Ficking Chucken "Great add-on Richard"

I was hoping you wouldn't mind, thanks. I also blogged my first post on my profile, so far out of a sample group of 10 (total) non-theists from this site. 100% "stand" within the Left-Libertarian quadrant.

Michael OL"My suspicion is that I ended up further left than I had expected from economic issues, because I believe that it's a public responsibility to support culture and the arts, and to advance the human condition in general."

I think these exact issues are probably going to push, (even the more laissez-faire leaning atheists) results towards the left side. 

"Classical liberals are correct to be skeptical of the state as a behemoth of power, but only the state can provide the services of patronage that were formerly the purview of the aristocracy."

…and/or theocracies. I would further add to this: State supported arts, culture and general welfare is a necessity because corporate/pseudo-aristocractic patronage (for lack of a better word) alone, is solely administered/promoted through the lens of markets - profit; to the exclusion of any other types of merit.

I hate being so predictable.


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