I've been reading the book Taken from Home by Eric Francis, about the murders almost certainly committed by Michael Blagg, of his wife and daughter.

They were very intense born-again Christians.  The book has long excerpts from Jennifer's diary.  Very repetitious and boring - she goes on and on about her relation to "God".  "God" is very involved in her thoughts, can read her mind of course, very concerned with her state of mind. 

It seems to me that "God" for her, was a way of suppressing what she felt was bad in herself.  God as a way of repressing your real feelings.

This also seems to be true for Michael Blagg.  He was considered very "holy" by some other Christians.  He had developed a huge capacity for lies and rationalization.  He was under surveillance by the police before they arrested him, and they found he was stealing from his employer.  But he gave rationalizations for this to the police, and only after hours of questioning did he admit to stealing. 

It seems that under his surface "holiness", he had quite other feelings.  He had no financial need to steal from his employer, so stealing likely indicates hidden anger.

And probably when he murdered his wife, he "snapped" - feelings that had been buried, surfaced explosively.  They had been having fights, and something triggered him to do the unthinkable - shoot his wife while she was sleeping.  And then, probably, he murdered his daughter. 

Religious people insist that of "God" is everything good.  But the born-again kind of belief in "God" may actually be their enemy, by keeping hidden feelings buried, and keeping them from processing traumatic things that happened to them as children. 

I can see how Christopher Hitchens would characterize this kind of God as a tyrant. 

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Ted, I like your thoughts.

Here's the video Downloading the Devil, about Michael Blagg.  He's unusually creepy, even for a murderer.

Now I have watched the video "Downloading The Devil" and my take on this thing is that Michael Blagg's religion was a cover for sociopatic behaviour. In his world everything was about him, so he couldn't allow the wife to divorce him over pornography. It would tarnish his christian image and make him look bad to others. I'm sure he knew this marriage was over, and possibly he would stay in his church and re-marry again. His "perfect marriage" can now only be salvaged by a murder. Actually, two murders. We can never know if the daughter saw her mother being killed or heard some noise, etc., or if Blagg felt that looking at his girl for a lifetime would only cause painful memories. I'm convinced fully that Blagg killed both of them and that forensics backs it up. If I was on the jury I would have convicted this man easily. His attempted suicide was only a ploy to gain sympathy.


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