What would you say to a Christian monitoring this website?

Here's what I would say...

1. Welcome. Notice God isn't striking you dead for being here.

2. The voice in your head you think is God is actually your own. You give God way to much credit for the problems you actually work through. He has the exact same success rate as that of random chance.

3. Not one word of the New Testament was written by an eyewitness. Saul/Paul had an hallucination up to 20 years after the alleged resurrection and finally wrote 6 to 13 letters around 10 years after that. The 4 major gospels were all written (based on Paul's letters) 50 to ~150 years after the resurrection by people starting a new cult. It is not the Word of God. It is a Work of Man written generations after the supposed events and then translated and revised over centuries.

4. Check out this website too. It will open your eyes to the Work of Man. It's not that God works in mysterious ways. It's the ignorance and superstitions of ancient men that created all the mysteries.

5. Do you believe that 2500+ years ago some Jewish priests had the tools, knowledge and wherewithal to determine how the earth was created? They created a magical story that has no basis in reality. Can you really believe in a talking snake? How did God snap his fingers and create billions of galaxies, but he couldn't stop 19 hijackers on 9/11?

6. How moral is a book in which the 3rd person in the world kills the 4th person? The world murder rate at that moment was 33%. He killed his own brother because God like dead animal sacrifices instead of fruits and vegetables. What was his punishment too? He got to live for 900 more years? Also, how moral is a book in which by the end of it, we all have to die?

7. Hoping you live forever is a coward's way of facing their own mortality. How ironic is the belief in that when you die, you live forever. Live this life like it's the only one you have, because it is.

8. At it's core, religion is a business. It is run by people whose livelihood depends on self-perpetuating the myths and selling you something that doesn't exist. They need you (and your money) a hell of a lot more than you need them.

9. Think for yourself. It's what the bible and it's salesmen do not want you to do.

10. Don't worry. Faith is just the belief in something in which no proof exists. But please, keep your faith out of our lives and we'll keep our science out of yours.

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At no time did tell them what they should or should not believe. In fact No. 10 implies they can keep their faith. I just simply pointed out some of the many "holes" in their beliefs.
its great info for somone who is on the edge of deciding to recover from religion
Or you could make some money and start your own Post Rapture Pet Care company.
"stop monitoring me and my friends and live your life; when do you have time to live yours if your always living vicariously through mine!? Who's paying your bills?" - strong atheist robot of doom!

LOL, sigh... you serious about the lurkers?
No wonder freethought groups and the like are banding together!


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