‘What Would You Do If a Gay or Lesbian Were In Your Shower?’ and Other Pentagon Survey Questions

More DADT funnies -

What Would You Do If a Gay or Lesbian Were In Your Shower?’ and Other Pentagon Survey Questions

"If Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is repealed and you are assigned to bathroom facilities with an open bay shower that someone you believe to be a gay or lesbian Service member also used, which are you most likely to do? Mark 1."

So asks the Pentagon survey of 400,000 non-deployed active troops regarding the pending repeal of the “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military.

The choices: [...]

Actual survey is attached. I guess it must be impossible for Merkins to comprehend exactly how ludicrous this looks to the rest of us in the actual free world. The country's puritan roots are so deeply symbiotically embedded in the host that it would probably be impossible to remove without killing it. This entrenched puritanism is far scarier and more damaging than the theism that has spawned around it.

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t of the "thugs" that have been committing rapes and assaults in Europe are young Islamic radicals who do it to get revenge on the West

Those damn coloureds are going after our women folk! Billy Joe Bob, stop mess'n around with your cousin and grab your gun, we need to teach them there uppity minorities their place!

Too easy, I can't make stuff this good up :D :D :D

Um no darling, just like everywhere else, the overwhelming majority of rapists are of the prevailing ethnic group, abet they tend to come from the lower classes as they have less to lose.

Those radical young Muslims you fret about? The research came last week, at least in the UK, the majority of them are 1st or 2ed generation native born citizens, they are better educated than the general population, and have jobs, and are not out for revenge for the sake of revenge as your (American) very flawed "intelligence" would have us believe, oh and it's not like Muslims, who constitute a whopping 2% of the population, are going to be taking over any time soon.

As for Immigrants who really are raping and pillaging western Europe? Those would be the EASTERN European immigrants, who run most of the criminal enterprises, including the sex trade, oh and they are categorized as "white" :D :D :D

As for foreign affairs, yours is the last empire that refuses to learn and is thus destined to join the ranks of failed states. The rising powers? China and India? Have been using the same techniques most European nations and the Japanese have been using for decades - Instead of sending in legions of troglodytes with high-tech clubs, they use soft influence such as generous foreign aid packages and trade deals.
This whole business is especially amusing in the light of the experience of a dear friend of mine. He served in the navy just after the Korean War. He was gay, and knew of many of his fellows who were as well.

Point being, they're already out there, peeps ... they have been for as long as humankind has walked this earth ... and apparently, they've been disciplined enough not to make a pass at every person who walks into a shower with them ... so my question to the straights out there is this:

WTF are you worrying about???
Then these shower burqas and hand-held showers will end up in army surplus shops. Perverts will buy them and shower in public!
Heh, you're right. I like it. Let's implement this policy.
What? Remember don't drop the soap in the shower?

Actually, I'm thinking someone could easily make a killing right now, selling supplies of Soap-on-a-Rope to those idiots who are being primed by this survey, to wonder if there really could be 'a problem in the shower' that they need to worry about.

Of course, I don't imagine there would be much in the way of any repeat business, once people found out there never was anything to worry about in the first place. More'n likely, they'd be the ones getting snickered at - for having shown up at the showers, en masse, wearing their Soap-on-a-Rope (heheh).

Damn - where's a good business plan when you really need one?


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