We need to put together a dictionary of phrases that express our meanings without invoking god. My reason for doing this is that i don't want people to think I'm religious, so I don't want to say things like "Thank god!" or "I'll pray for you."

So I have a few, but PLEASE add your own -- maybe we can make a document or page about it. Mine are:

(Of Jewish origin) saying BCE (Before the Common Era) and CE (Common Era) instead of BC (before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini = in the year of our Lord -- he ain't MY lord, that's for sure!)

Saying "I'll keep you in my thoughts" instead of "I'll pray for you" because I won't. Even the Quaker "I'll hold you in the light" is better than promising to pray for someone. When I hear that someone is gravely ill, I say "I hope for the best possible outcome" which doesn't specify what that outcome is -- sometimes it's recovery, but sometimes, it's the deliverance of that person from their suffering.

"For goodness' sake!" instead of "For god's sake"

"By all that is in me" instead of "By god!" Because all I have to offer is what is in me and what I have to give.

"I am grateful" rather than "I am blessed" because maybe it's only the uncaring universe that I have to be grateful to, but gratitude is a very human emotion.Even "Thanks to the luck", because luck is a human, but not a deistic concept.

"Gezundheit" (which means "Health!") or just "To your health" instead of "god bless you" when someone sneezes. Or be like the Japanese and say nothing at all -- a sneeze isn't very meaningful in these modern days!

I dunno -- I may think up more, but I'd be VERY interested to see what other people come up with -- I KNOW there are a lot of fertile minds out there! :-)


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When someone sneezes I say "congratulations" since sneezing is often a response to unwanted foreign particles in the nasal cavities.  I used to say "congratulations on expelling your particulate". I now go with the shortened version. When I sneeze and someone says "bless you", I say "not necessary" and let them know that my sneezing is a sign that my body is functioning properly. I take pleasure in a friend telling me they were somewhere with a friend who sneezed and instantly thought, "If Joe were here, he would say congratulations." I'm the strange guy in my social circle...and I like it that way.
Congratulations! I'm stealing that. thanks.
Nice!  That's the best response I've heard for sneezing yet!
On an episode of Seinfeld they started saying "You're SO good looking!"  when someone sneezed. lol.  I don't remember what their reason was.  Of course this can't be true in all cases... ;)

Salud = "Health" when a person sneezes

Question "How you doing?"

Possible answers in place of "Blessed" are:

1. None of your business! ;)

2. None of your "g/d" business!! ;) ;)

2. Terrible

3. Good

4. Very Good

5. Outstanding

If you're feeling devilish (lol) say the following:

6. Very good without the lord in my life (Just watch the looks of shock)


But if you really want to have a little bit of non belief fun, invoke the names of dead gods:

"Thank Zeus, Mercury, Apollo, Babalu, etc...."

I tend to say "Oh, man!" or "Holy crap, Marie!" instead of OMG. I still say godammit when I'm really mad, and immediately feel stupid for having said it (no god to damn anything). Having come to this realization I try to use the work F*ck instead.

i usually substitute universe for god as in thank the universe! or praise the universe! when writing things out to be snarky. my swearing is usually confined to my head as i have small children around :) but using fuck for everything there seems to work just fine lol i've never been one for the 'goddamnits' or 'jesuschrists' anyway. its funny how often you notice these things and how common they are in everyday speech when you are not a theist lol :)


also anything ron burgundy is the best 'by the beard of zeus'! great odins raven! :)

Here's some more changes to the atheist dictionairy that I would propose:


First of all, having a week be 7 days doesn't seem very non-religious of us. It is after all based on the Bible and we don't want that! I propose to count our weeks in 12 days, but then again maybe that's a bad idea because 12 is associated with religious symbolism as well. Maybe we should just stop talking about weeks altogether.

And on that same subject, I think we should do away with words like Thursday, because that comes from the word Thor and I don't believe in Thor lol!


And there's much much more we could be changing!


(Or psssssssssssssst, we can recognise that using the word God in an expression isn't the end of the world)

Sorry, I just can't let this slip (or maybe I should be happy to remove a Biblically myth): the 7 days of the week are not based on the Bible, but the 7 heavenly objects that moves between the stars: the Sun, the Moon and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and the names of the days in different languages refer to the names of the gods related to the objects (there are off course exceptions as the German Mittwoch (the middle of the week) and the Norwegian Lørdag (the day to have a bath)).


And consider this: if the Bible truly was the origin of the week, the names of the days would not have been from non-biblical gods.


And if Uranus had been slightly brighter we might have 8 day weeks :-)


By the wave a look at this thread to get some more input on the (lack of) originality of the Bible.


And, when I'm really pissed off I call for Hell - not the religious place but a realy-realy unplesant place where I want someone or something to go. When I get that angry you'd better stay clear for a minute or two lol!

In Hebrew, they are just called "First Day" "Second Day" and so on, until the 7th day, which is "Shabat", imported into English as the Sabbath. The importance of the 7-day week is cultural -- why 7 instead or 8 or 6? Why a week at all? Because in Jewish mythology, god created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. This far predates the European assignments of astronomical or Norse gods' names to the days of the week.

Note that the names of the days in English are NOT based on the planets, except for Sunday, Monday and Saturday -- the others are Norse gods' names: Tiw for Tuesday, Woden for Wednesday, Thor for Thursday, and Frigg for Friday.

One mythology is as good as another -- please don't devalue Hebrew mythology because the Fundies falsely believe it -- in the public schools, we are taught Greek, Roman and Norse mythology and taught to value them, when other people's mythologies go untaught and unappreciated for what they are. I find it especially hurtful that MY mythology has been so twisted by loonies that you associate it with them and not with me.

Where did the Hebrews steal the 7-day week from, to found their mythology upon?  Writing existed for thousands of years before the Hebrews existed as a cohesive culture.  Why give them credit?  They stole most of their culture from those they conquered.


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