I have a little collection of Golden Books (I think) which have biblical themes- The Good Samaritan, the Christmas story etc. Just a few. I happen to love them- the pictures and the simple stories are very appealing.

If we had kids, I'd probably read them, but de-emphasize the religious aspects and treat them like the fairy tales that they are. Maybe skip the parts about how God does this and that- haven't read them in a long time so I forget to what extent they're full of "god" crap.

I almost gave them to my youngest niece for the holidays this year- her family is Born Again, so she's already being raised in the cult, so what would the harm be?

Her older brother, who asked me about evolution this past summer, is what's stopping me. He sees now that I'm not one of "them," and I don't want him to wonder why I'd be okay with giving further propaganda to his sister. Did Aunt C change her mind about religion? Does she have trouble with the concept of morals without it?

So I'm on the fence. They are cute and enjoyable books for a young kid, but I don't want to enable the indoctrination process, either. Although I managed to grow out of it. Will the kids think it's an implied endorsement at this point? I want them to know they can count on me if they ever need to talk about their doubts, if they ever need to.

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The graphics sometimes are great. Utilize them with alterations.

Keep the pictures,scan, cut and paste substitute pages for the words. Keep the cover. Leave some of these alterred children's books in the Sunday school.


Great idea!


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