I have a few of these at my school who are completely deluded. Ironically they're some of my closest friends but they are just batshit insane sometimes. What should I do?

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The thing that is the most pathetic about this recording is not that some con artist is promoting it. It's that there are thousands out there who actually believe it!

And they believe it because they can't be bothered to Think Critically about how someone came into the possession of that recording!  The mindset of "the priest said it; therefore I believe it" has got to GO.

Michael, I tried to watch "God Loves Uganda" on PBS.  It wasn't funny at all just disturbing. I had to turn it off as I wanted to scream at the tv.  How can so many people be so deluded and in the process cause so much damage. 

Now on a site called "truth or fiction" I've found more on this "drilling to hell" story. Here's a link:http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/d/drilltohellfacts.htm#.U3oDQX...

Problems on all of this for me is that theists would believe it hands down and even have it on a call in radio program. In my church days I used to argue that nobody was in hell at death because the judgement was not immediate, but was a futuristic event. Eager christian apologists explained that people who would end up in hell were sent there immediately to await a futuristic judgement. Shades of purgatory! This is like going to jail to wait and see if you spend the rest of your life in jail! (Except that you are already dead.)

Yes, there shall be "weeping and gnashing of teeth." How can this be when the voice box and teeth are still in the grave and it is that enigmatic "soul" which is in the deep bowels of the earth?

I'm working on these things in my "Modern Era Bible." Here is an exert:

   "Behold! I stand at the door and ring the buzzer. If you do not hear the buzzer then you most likely need an electrician."


I don't think the theists will buy it even if they did believe a recording from hell.

Every time I hear "the faithful have gathered in St. Peter's Square" my mind replaces faithful with delusional.  How can people be so gullible/stupid?

Imagine a modern day execution of St. Peter. He says that he is not worthy of being executed like Jesus was, so they turn his electric chair or execution gurney upside down. At least he is already strapped in.

I often also replace words like that Ceil.


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