What religion has contributed to the world this month - Special Report #6: The Victims of Male Circumcision

Over the years, the news has tattooed our ears with the travesty which is female genital mutilation.  But what about MEN, and what about the seemingly routine process of male circumcision?  The following video suggests that what some think of as routine may not be quite so.

Are these a vast minority of cases?  Of course they are.  Still, the question is still begged: for a procedure which, with rare exceptions, is utterly unnecessary, Why Is It Done So Often?

The answer, as it is too often, is Religion.

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I'd love to see a comparative cost-benefit analysis between the auto-circumsizer and the condoms that could be purchased with the same amount of money.  Somehow, I don't think the former would hold up too well.

After female circumcision became an issue I wondered why male circumcision was not. Did a bit of research and found the same as you: 

"for a procedure which, with rare exceptions, is utterly unnecessary, Why Is It Done So Often?
"The answer, as it is too often, is Religion."

~ Loren Miller 

My African brother in law is Luo, and they do not believe in circumcision. In order to marry his wife, who is of another tribe, he had to become circumcised like the males of her tribe are. For a long time afterwards this circumcision gave him a lot of trouble.

One more proof that you shouldn't mess with a healthy body. Bad luck for him. A pity that he didn't lie about it.

I recall an episode of MASH, where Hawkeye Pierce wanted to perform an unneeded appendectomy on a particularly aggressive officer, in order to remove him and his abnormally high casualty count among his personnel from the field.  B.J. Hunnicutt called Hawkeye on it, saying such an action would constitute Mutilation.  That's a pretty dirty word in the medical community, as I understand it. Boil it down, that's what we're talking about here - the mutilation of an otherwise perfectly healthy body part, for no indicated medical reason.

'Nuff said.


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