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Replies to This Discussion is interesting that in some of the western states, there were more people that responded "No Religion" than responded to any specific Christian denomination.
As far as I can tell Colorado (yea us) has the highest percentage of non-religious than that of any other state but Vermont. Also surprising is the tiny percent claimed by the Assembly of God nation wide; I thought they had a much larger group of loons than that - that's good news because they are an insane, but scary, lot.
Cool! Here in Colorado "no-religion" is the second largest group in the state. Of course we do have that festering hemorrhoid in Colo. Springs with James Dobson at the pus infused center. That is relieved, however, by the periodic application of Haggarty's Schadenfreude Ointment
Vermont rules! 22% Nons, o,k,
I was just thrilled-to-death to live in a state that has such a high percentage of nons. I grew up in Ohio... it scarred me.

May the entire US experience a rapid growth in nons!
moJoe will not be happy to have fallen behind Vermont again.
Go Kiwis!
Delicious map
The study mentioned in the USA Today article is the most recent ARIS Survey, published in March of 2009..


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