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Has anyone here every thought about what if there happened to be a god. It doesn't really matter what god or what religion just if there is one. When you die what do you think they/him/her would say and how you would react? If they were a god that passed judgment, do you think that they would understand your reasons for not believing and forgive you or would they punish you without question?

I was raised Christian and while I don't believe anything they say, the above still crosses my mind quite often. I'm a musician and I get a lot of gigs playing for church services, especially around Christmas and Easter. It's hard not to listen to the sermon and try to understand their way of thinking during these times and these questions always pop into my mind during and after the service.

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[Loren wonders if such a collection comes complete with No-Prize inside....]
Ahhh, clearly a True Believer!
You had better hope there isn't a God, he might just come back and take up where he left off.
Which was WHERE, precisely?
Precisely? Well he was engaged in jealousy (and proud of it), controlling people, blood-thirsty ethnic cleansing, misogyny, homophobia, injustice, killing infants and encouraging the further murder of fathers and brothers, demonstrating various attitudes such as megalomania, sado-masochism and caprice, not to mention being a malevolent bully. I am sure I left some good attributes out and just as sure the loyal Christian will bring them up in defense.

I would elaborate but I am baking bread.
Oh, swell ... s'pose we could distract him with some sodomy or sumptin?
You WOULD bring that up...I am going to report you to the Roman Catholic Church
Knock yerself out, though they wouldn't go for me ... I'm about 45 years over their age limit!
You had better hope there isn't a God, he might just come back and take up where he left off.

I will only fear a fictional character when I lose my sense of reality and pass into a fictional state.

I deal only in the reality, Religion takes care of the fictional
Aaaah, nutz. Reality is for those who can't deal with science/fiction....
Reality is for those who take a grain of salt while reading fiction.

I Enjoy a good read, but untill things are proven with facts, it is considered fiction.

And the characters are always fictional
I deal only in the reality, Religion takes care of the fictional

Our SciFi, who art in Imagination,
Hallowed be thy fantasy.
Thy lasers come,
Thy space babes be done,
On Endor as it is in the Gamma Quadrant.
Give us this day our daily cyborgs.
And forgive us our genetic experiments
As we forgive those who experiment with genetics against us.
Lead us not into bad narrative
And deliver us from dull.
For thine is the fire, and the explosion, in the vacuum of space
Suspended in disbelief,


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