What if satan is the good guy and god is the tyranny and evil? i don't consider this a heavy philosophical question, but i need discussion none the less haha

satan only killed under 10 people (don't quote me on this fact, i'm sure someone has a more accurate answer), wheres as god...im sure you can work that one out. i.e the almakites

might doesn't equal right, is there a book of satan? what if hell is not hellish?, but only told from the people bias of heaven and god

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Thank you, Ladies.

I slapped this together a few years ago at at Motifake.

I posted it there when I was finished and didn't think much of it 'til a few days later, when I got a nasty-gram E-mail from one of their Moderators, telling me to knock it off with the anti-religious stuff and find another subject.

It was the only one I had posted among at least a hundred like it that others had posted.

Go figure...

I can only assume I musta' hit a nerve.

Or a bone.



Anyway, it's been collecting dust in my Photobucket account, waiting for me to drag it out.

Glad it was for some folks who appreciate it.


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