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Once again, thank you Ted... ahem, now...

Really dude? really? I've just handed you an olive branch (which by the way, is a religious term, so fuck you) and you've thrown it back in my face. So now that you've pissed me off, I'm going to systematically destroy your arguments, and do it all from a purely atheist perspective.

  1. Science, as it stands, has VERY LITTLE to do with proving the Holocaust took place. We know the Holocaust happened because of a number of historical facts, not scientific facts. The documented photographs of the mass graves in which these people were buried, the discovery of the facilities in which it took place, the testimony of the thousands of victims of concentration camps, soldiers, liberating and Nazi, who were there. And for you to even compare the two is not only extremely childish, but so offensive to my Jewish friends here on this site who's forefathers and mothers were part of these atrocities, that I'm considering reporting you for such an erroneous use of logic.
  2. Your theory about this attempted influence we are exerting over you is blatantly absurd. Nobody here gives a fuck about your opinion unless you have something useful, positive or edifying to contribute to the conversation. This isn't a communist conspiracy my friend, we are not trying to convert you to theism on an atheist site by using reverse psycology and electronic LSD. You've taken a position of arrogance and self-indulgence that must be addressed.
  3. Atheism is not the black and white assertion that there is no god. It is the non-belief in a deity based on the lack of evidence for such an assertion. For you to deride G for his question shows your lack of understanding of what you assert, empathy for someone elses inquiry, and intolerance at a differing point of view. Now please enlighten me as to who shows these exact qualities. The Christians
  4. Ted Foureagles, James Yount, Loren Miller and I have given you so many chances to see your flaw in logic, address it, with no reprisal or judgement, and come to terms with the fact that you've over-reacted to something that doesn't even matter on the whole scale of life, and yet you've made completely illogical arguments from a divisive, presumtuous and arrogant standpoint.
  5. If you don't like the content and free-thinking people and questions being posed on this site you are free to leave. This not a site for judgement and ignorance, as is used y the religious. Please take a look at how you are arguing, and your reasons for arguing, and then come back and take part in the conversation.

I'll still say it man. Much love. because obviously you need it. I hope reason comes to you, and you become content that someone else, even though they do not believe in god/s, can have a different point of view to you.

wise beyond your years Anthony

 I really don't care. It's got nothing to do with my experience through life. Might change my experience afterwards.

 If science does prove a god, the next question would be if this god is worthy of worship, or whether it even is affected by it.

It really depends on the god that gets proven. If the god in question is Yahweh, then we would have a very strong imperative to do more science in order to figure out a way to kill the bastard.

Seems like this,

Haha. Love this pictograph. So true

I get asked that question every time I talk with a theist about why I don't believe in the existence of a god or anything metaphysical or supernatural.  The first thing I have to explain is that nothing can make me believe.  God CAN'T exist.  No god being (or a being worshiped as a god) can substantiate themselves as the creator of the universe or as some sort of authority that we should grovel to and ask how high when he says jump.  It's impossible.  No being CAN be god.  But for a second assume god exists: this "god" created the endless suffering of innocent creatures who don't understand why nature is so cruel (it is however, explained quite will by evolution by natural selection), and therefore he is at fault for being evil.  If he was in the slightest bit good, suffering wouldn't exist, and he would know how to preserve free will without physical and mental suffering, so that eliminates the "garden of eden experiment" hypothesis.  If I were this all-powerful, all-knowing god, I'd eradicate suffering in a nanosecond, which of course is an eternity for an immortal, all-knowing and omnipresent being.  But this goes off course from my original point.  The god hypothesis implies the existence of what it's trying to prove before it tries to prove it.  It falls off the rails of anything rational, sane or compassionate.

I also say that science has taken apart the physical universe so thoroughly that it has been revealed to be far from the creation of a single mind who has a single purpose.  I try to diminish the theist's arrogance that the universe, which is unfathomably big in it's entirety, is here just for the enjoyment and use of an ugly, violent species that stockpiles weapons of planet-wide annihilation of all life.

Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely;
God is all-powerful. Draw your own conclusions.

I like your answer!  

Once the proof is provided, let me know, and I'll answer the question.

I'm assuming the original post meant the Christian God; so what would happen if science proves the existence of the Christian God?

People then have a choice to make: they could sell out their own moral sensibility for the chance of eternal life in heaven, or they could fight for the freedom to their way of life. It would be the same as life under any autocratic ruler. Imagine Iran: If you believe and follow the rules of the leader, you may lead a relatively privileged life. Otherwise, you might be stoned or burned.

This leads to the question: If God does exist, is God's morality objective or subjective? What makes God exempt from subjectivity?


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