What do you do with the Gideon Bible in the motel room? - best ideas needed

I was thinking about taking a yellow marker to mark up some key disgusting bible passages in the gideon bibles I find, but there are so many.  I might be up all night doing that.  What do you suggest?

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If it is the 1611 version then the name is spelled "Iesus." From 1611 until now the name has changed according to the language usage of the time.

Origami is a great way to combat boredom if there's nothing on TV and you can't sleep.  The paper folds really nicely.  Also, many hotels have shredders.

Of course, America was never "founded on christian principals" but you can not convince the theist of this. For some reason they have all become convinced that you just couldn't worship god in England anymore. It must have been that mean old king. In search of a place where you could worship god, they all came here and eventually our "christian founding fathers" (almost all were Deist) won independance and set up our "christian nation."

In one sense it means everyone watches TV evangelists way too much. In another sense it means that history becomes in the end what you say it is. Many of us need to go back and study it all again because it just didn't happen that way.

Found 2 gideon bibles in the waiting room of my gastrointestinal place last month, but I didn't do a thing to them because it's the only one in town, I need to frequent that establishment every 5 years, and don't want a doctor taking revenge on my colon.

We just got back from a trip, and sure enough, they still put bibles in the hotel rooms.

I came thisclose to stealing it, because I'd like to have a copy for referencing the contradictions etc., but don't want to purchase one. It would be less intimidating to religious people than The Skeptic's Annotated Bible, which might scare off my family if I bring it around.


My dad was a Gideon, and they LOVED it when somebody took one of their bibles from motel rooms.  They thought that they had saved another soul.


It isn't stealing.  Next time you have a chance, check out the housekeeper's cart at the hotel/motel.  You will see that they all have one or two bibles so they can replace the ones that are taken.


I do what you were thinking.  I take one, mark it up with all the silly verses and the contradictory ones and then put it in the next motel room I'm in.  And so is the circle of life and fun.




Here's an article about leaving thought-provoking cards inside Gideon Bibles:


Traveling for the holidays? It’s always disturbed me that U.S. hotel rooms always seem to stock a Holy Bible. Nevermind any other tradition, or say... The Englightenment. This year, I’m packing something of my own to leave behind: atheism cards! Each of these cards has a quote I think might sow a few seeds of dissent or perhaps start a long distance discourse. I plan to leave one inside the front cover of each bible I meet. Click the image below to download a printable PDF. Or make your own. There are plenty of choice quotes here and elsewhere.

(John Emerson, Social Design Notes)



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