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So, what do us atheists do for a living?  Surely we are ALL not evolutionary biologists, astrophysicists or philosphers.


I'll start:


I am a sales planner for the North American Division of an international consumer product company.


How about you?

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I am a warehouse assistant and forklift driver, in a workplace full of obnoxious people. That is despite the fact that I hold a degree in Mathematics. (I am also studying for another one in geology.)

I am autistic however, and receive no help, so I have had to put up with a rubbish job for the past ten years. That is not an uncommon situation for autistic people.
I'm sorry to hear that. My daughter has autism. We always tell her she can be anything she wants to be. We have spent lots of $ on therapy trying to make this so. Did you have treatment for your autism as a child? If this is too personal, just tell me to bug off.
Don't worry about being too personal. I would like to talk about autism far more than I am able to. I often have to keep things bottled up because nobody understands, despite the fact that my autism affects every minute of my life.

To answer your question, no I didn't have treatment for my autism as a child. I have only been aware that I have an autism spectrum disorder for the past five years - I was in my early 30s when I realized. Before that, I went to see many useless counsellors. I didn't receive any help from the state afterwards either. I eventually found a suitable therapist, but that was after I did a lot of research. She did a very good job, but, coming as it was after I had accummulated 30 years of issues and struggles, she could only do so much.

As for your daughter being able to be anything she wants to be, it sounds like it can make her feel good to hear it, but I think it's unrealistic. People on the autistic spectrum have life-long weaknesses. It's a question of capitalizing on an individual's strengths while making sure you don't go into a situation that the weaknesses make impossible to handle. I know it's like that for nonautistic people too, to some degree, but for us autistic people, the problems impact our lives more, and we have to be more careful where we tread.

Why don't you join the "Autism, Asperger's and Atheism" group on the Nexus?
I own my own interior design and home furnishings store. I have a degree in Classical Piano, and I still play from time to time. I also give private piano lessons, to advanced students.
An atheist, interior decorating, classical pianist in Cleveland, Tennessee? Now that is an unusual, and very interesting, combination. Thanks for contributing, Kelly.
Yeah, and that also explains why I am at home on a Friday night too!!! LOL
ROFL.....yeah, that's me....
Right now, looking for work; my last job was three-and-a-half years at a St. Louis-area strip club as a doorman. My degree is in journalism, however; I've worked for newspapers in southeastern Missouri, both Carolinas and in east-central Illinois (in fact, in the town where I went to school) as well as for a suburban newspaper chain in the STL area. Got fired from the last newspaper job I had, however, and had to take a job for a direct-advertising company supervising crews in distributing flyers and handbills door-to-door in neighborhood both locally and on the road.

I've had some interesting experiences, both at the club and in the newspaper biz.
I've been retired for almost 10 years now...I opted for early Social InSecurity at 62 because I just couldn't take any more office politics (and religious) cr*p. I still work part time at home, doing some writing for a local free newspaper called The Pet Press that promotes spay/neuter policies, shelter adoptions instead of buying puppy mill products at pet stores, and general pet health care. I also still pet-sit for a few friends, but I am no longer physically able to walk dogs any distance. I miss that.

Before I retired I was a bookkeeper/tax preparer, and before that, I was a chorus girl in an ice show. A LONNNNNG time ago! My profile picture was taken on my 19th birthday in 1958, in Columbus, Ohio. So now you-all know how old I am.

Oh, between bookkeeping jobs, I worked a while at KCET in Los Angeles when they still had fundraising Auctions. I was fortunate enough to be on the lot when Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" was in production. After that gig, I put in 3 years in the JCPenney Western Regional Advertising office. A madhouse!
Elaine, you also forgot cool person in general!!! :)~
Why, thank you! I'm also an accidental jokester...I mean, I don't try to invent jokes, they just happen when they occur to me.
I test robots.
I work for a small Swiss company that builds robotic storage systems for the pharmaceutical industry. My job is to set up the robots and make sure they are working properly. I then train the customers to use them. My job takes me all over the world, Germany, Scotland, the US and Japan.


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