So, what do us atheists do for a living?  Surely we are ALL not evolutionary biologists, astrophysicists or philosphers.


I'll start:


I am a sales planner for the North American Division of an international consumer product company.


How about you?

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The chavs are faster these days too...
Specialized aircraft mechanic contracted by numerous employers. Free time astrophotographer and car mechanic.
Working towards a degree in counseling.
I currently drive a taxi with a TomTom GPS and Google Maps in my phone. Leasing a cab has become more difficult with the price of gas. I am realizing there are busy locations that change seasonally. To keep from total collapse, one must move with the volume, follow the shifting demand for service as venues change.
Hi Larryl,

Evidently you have had alot of replies! Really interesting posts on the types of jobs people opt for. I wonder if there is any connection between the socio-economic background, level of education, the rejection of religion and subsequent acceptance of atheism! There is defiantly a gap in science (psychology/ neuroscience) of understanding atheists, as it seems due to our evolutionary history, we are pre-conditioned for religious thinking.

Anywho's enough of my ramblings.

I'm an environmental scientist working at a Research Institute.
Yes, indeed, Bex, this post did generate some interesting comments about what atheists do for a living. I was hoping that there were other non-scientific atheists like myself, and indeed there are. Not that I don't appreciate scientists, because I do, but it seems that most of the most famous atheists are either scientists (Dawkins/Harris), or extreme intellectuals (Dennett/Hitchens). It's good to know that there are "regular joes" that are also atheists.

By the way, your job rocks. I can't imagine a more important job for the future of our planet than yours.
Mechanical engineer with automotive and combustion concentration

I work for an engine shop in Nascar. My current priority is the development of fuel injection for Sprint Cup cars.
Whoa you must be a chick magnet working on NASCAR Sprint Cup cars!
It's the kind of girls it attracts that is the problem.

And it puts off the rest of the girls who don't recognize that working for a team and being a Nascar 'fan' are very different.
by the way, I'm still hoping for a minister or priest to show up under this discussion. Come on, I know you are out there!


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