Taking into consideration some of the following:

1. Great production and direction
2. Great cinematic execution, good photography, sets, costumes, etc.
3. Good and meaningful plot
4. Meaningful thematic development
5. Great acting
6. The stories ability to draw the viewer in
7. The main characters transformation during the process (which is fundamental, I think)
8. The timeless and universally enduring quality of the film
9. Whatever else you might consider

What then do you think are some of the best movies ever made?

Using the above criteria, my top two choices would be To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck, and Apocalypse Now Redux with Martin Sheen.

Personally, on these kinds of lists that you see floating around, Citizen Kane is always at the top. Yet I fail to see how that could be. I hated Citizen Kane, and I can't help but feel that its classification as The Best Film Ever Made is one of those self-perpetuating lies or mistakes that just keeps being retold and retold because someone sees that list, thinks there must be something in it, and then repeats what they read.

What do you think?

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28 Days later was a fantastic zombie-esque film and has some great moments. If you're into zombie fiction I highly recommend checking out the Walking dead comic series.
Thanks, will do.
Yes Dallas, I second Justin's recommendation of "The Walking Dead". You must start at the beginning so find it in trade paperback.
Yes, Pleasantville was a good movie. I had forgotten about that one.
My alltime favorite has never changed and I doubt it ever will, 2 thru 10 can all change places depending on my mood, or the conversation.
1. The Godfather
2. Fight Club
3. Heavens Gate
4. Dawn of the Dead ( the original!! I liked the remake but it was just action with no point)
5. Taxi Driver
6. Pulp Fiction
7. Reservoir Dogs
8. Cruising
9. Wages of Fear
10. Anything STAR TREK ( because NO film or TV show has ever inspired , or progressed a culture as much.)
Perfume was a decent film, but I hated Sweeny Todd. I have not seen AI or Vatel. Sixth Sense was a great film. I balled like a little girl watching that.
I started watching AI last month, but the DVD was damaged and right after she abandoned him in the forest, and it switched to the future scene where Jude Law was about to have sex with that woman, the whole thing locked up. I never could get past that scene. So how did it end?
The 1955 expressionistic film noir, The Night of the Hunter. Robert Mitchum at his creepiest best as the deranged preacher Harry Powell. His deliverance about good vs. evil (tattooed knuckles and all) is a must-see for any atheist. Based on a true story.
Night of the Hunter had some decent aspects; Mitchum was really mean, and I do think Winter's performance was very well done. But I cannot say that I thought that it was a terrific movie, and when Lillian Gish broke out into that horrible, cheesy, polly-annaish song, I was over the film at that moment. But why do you say it is a must see for any atheist? It was so long ago that I saw it, that I can't recall anything in it that would appeal directly to an atheist because of atheism, except if it was (if my memory serves me) because of Mitchum's anti-religious stance.
Grouped by Director:

2001: A Space Odyssey
Dr. Strangelove
A Clockwork Orange
The Shining
Barry Lyndon
Full Metal Jacket
Paths of Glory

Mulholland Drive
Blue Velvet

Barton Fink
The Hudsucker Proxy

Apocalypse Now
Godfather I, II

Raging Bull
The Departed

Schindler's List
Saving Private Ryan
Raiders of the Lost Ark


Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill
Reservoir Dogs

A Streetcar Named Desire
Uhh, your tastes are as diverse as mine. Yeah on Apocalypse Now!
In my opinion Andrei Tarkovsky is the finest director ever. His brilliance is unsurpassed.

The Stalker and The Mirror are my favourites of his

My list of the best films ever made have very, very few films from the US.

I would love to join a foreign cinema group (or a group for films from anywhere but the US), but I shall compile a list of my personal favourites and post it here later.


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