What stuff do you believe in even though you dont have evidence and are atheist? I believe in aliens and some sort of afterlife. I also believe theres a 4th density that has different laws of physics. The 4th density im talking about is not about time. I believe theres alot of stuff the universe can do that would seem supernatural. I believe in magic and supernatural like powers that humans arent capable of.

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Though my views differ a bit, I won't call you crazy.

Some actions help others; some actions harm others; some actions do both or neither.

The key words are "help" and "harm" or their synonyms.

I believe "good" and "evil" are political words; people use them to influence others.

The words "right" and "wrong" serve similar political purposes.

The above is a result of forty years in American politics, some of those years in hardball politics. Pre-political folk might call me crazy. Academics might say my views are simplistic.



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