What Did You Say About Muhammad?! [or why the west are a bunch of weenies]

What Did You Say About Muhammad?!

Which is more likely to elicit an irate Muslim response: 1) public cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, or 2) public proclamations that Muhammad was a bisexual, sometime transvestite and necrophile, who enjoyed sucking on the tongues of children, commanded a woman to "breastfeed" an adult man, and advised believers to drink his urine for salutary health? [...]

This item is mandatory reading for all of our chums that fantasise about mythical "moderate" islam and lecture to the rest of us about our intolerance and "islamophobia". The money shot is deeper in the article -

Of course, one need not agree with Life TV's tactics or evangelical mission to appreciate the lesson it imparts: Muslim outrage—as with all human outrage—is predicated on how well it is tolerated. Continuously appeased, it becomes engorged and insistent on more concessions; ignored, it deflates and, ashamed of itself, withers away.

This isn't Faux or some neocon propaganda sheet. It's far too intelligently written to be that. Raymond Ibrahim has an extensive background in mid-east politics and is an Egyptian Copt by birth. Somewhat more entitled to discuss these matters than any of our whitey apologists.

It has been evident from the start that those that have usurped contemporary Humanism have not achieved anything with their policies of accommodationism and mantras on "tolerance". It is now a valid question to ask - how much does this continual appeasement exacerbate the problems we are now dealing with ?

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What argument?
I'm someone who might be termed "'left" or liberal, but I dont think Jenny McCarthy is left-leaning nor Oprah Winfrey. They both dont identify politically unlike Coulter or Beck. Both have often been criticised by the left. The former by disability rights advocates and the later by various groups some of whom have been Black rights organizations and feminists.
Can you give some examples of the "far left nonsense crowd"? I haven't heard anything that is anywhere near as egregious as from the right.
George: Can you give some examples of the "far left nonsense crowd"? I haven't heard anything that is anywhere near as egregious as from the right.

Oh now come on, that's just too easy.
And I can't tell if those nut jobs are right or left. So take yer pick.

Well I would agree with your comparison if there was a major news network promoting it day in and out, or if the school board of a large state was pushing it as part of their curriculum.
She doesnt think her own gender should have voting rights! How is that not the epitomy of stupid?
Did Joe the Plumber make it to Forbes 400 yet?
Having previously been in the brainwashed camp, I can tell you that one would have no idea that one was even wrong about a topic having never read anything from the opponent's camp. It's easy to get into an emotional groove and ride it without checking for errors.
Oh I think Palin knows it and accepts it.
knows she's a liar?
How could she not?

I give you functional inadequacy

Mistake? What mistakes
Agreed! I mean, the 'pill kills,' 'cavepeople rode dinosaurs,' environmental destruction isnt happening, homosexuals are evil or theocratic beliefs are pretty extreme and profoundly dumb! I like the part in 'religiulous' where Bill Maher visits some museum where they show "Adam and Eve" petting dinosaurs, LOL!


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