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What are your suggestions for best Free-Thinking sites? Thanks for your help!

What are your suggestions for best Free-Thinking sites in the following areas?

I’m helping put together a little booklet for an upcoming Free-Thinking Conference in Renton, Washington, which will take place March 31 and April 1 and which will include as speakers: Anu Garg, Sean Faircloth, and Richard Dawkins, as well “Ask an Atheist” podcast and am including this on the inside back cover.

The website for the upcoming conference is, for those in the NorthWest.

Any help on putting together a great list for others would be greatly appreciated!




Some of our Favorite Free Thinking Sources for information:

Websites: – Responses to religion questions – 100’s of Atheist Debates including Hitchens, Dawkins, etc. online atheism videos


Ask an Atheist

Atheist Experience

Living after Faith

Reasonable Doubts

Skeptics Guide to the Universe

The Thinking Atheist


Skeptical Inquirer

The Humanist

Chat and Blog sites:

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