For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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People who use "to" when they mean "too",
People who never use their vehicle signal lights - expecting the rest of us to just Know what direction they have in mind!
People who leave their cars running... regardless of weather, or time of day (I'm trying to sleep here you diesel monster truck-owning bastard!)
People who know nothing about you but feel entitled to tell you how to live &/or what's wrong with your life.
People who don't say thanks when I've held the door open for them.
People who whine about how hard their lives are when they are healthy, have a good job, and more than enough $ to cover their needs.
People who play tonsil hockey for extended periods in public -ah, No thanks!
People who think women have gained equality (ha haha!) and should just shut up about it, already!
Mr. Harper - the PM of Canada - Major peeve -> egotist -> delusional -> favours limited thought and limited opportunities for anyone who is not one of his cronies ...
What's worse than people not using turn signals is people who use them, but AFTER they've turned. Wow, thanks! So that's what you were doing! I thought you were driving straight!
My turn signal was broken one time. That really sucked.
I always forget to use "too" instead of "to" when necessary. I don't know why we just didn't really get told where to use "too" much in school sometimes the teachers don't even correct me and I notice later that its supposed to be "too"...
I have an idea that might help, but I don't want to risk unsolicited advice. ;)
Bah! There's a people just commented above me!
Gah! they're Every-f**king-where!
Daniel: My main pet peeve is people. They seem to be everywhere. Why don't they just go away.

this is why I work with animals, and I am all for the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement VHEMT
I agree. Usually it ends up being a clip that no reasonable person would watch and that's how they get another view. I'm sure they use that as proof of how much interest the clip generates.
When sports players or other famous person 'thanks' god for winning. Like god would make you punch harder then the other guy in a boxing match. Not that I dislike boxing, but the idea that 'god' would give a shit about who wins in a boxing match, or play favorites....

Also anything that Daryl (or any) Waltrip says is a pet peeve.
I had a friend who would thank her god every time she did well on a test. o.O
Bloody annoys me too, but what do you do when have few brains (religious) as education, go to sports.
It's among the many reasons I no longer have any interest whatsoever in watching any sports on TV (except maybe figure skating; that was my sport decades ago).


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