For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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same here, I had a nun teacher in grades 1-3, the cow thing got said every day, 40 years later and I still hate gum! I the sound my neighbor in class makes as he does that continuous fast nervous chew... sigh
You would hate me... :)
There is a 'Lose Hill' near me in the Peak District. I have done the Lose Hill to Mam Tor ridge walk. People launch hang gliders from up there.

Pet hates include people who read the Sun and people who don't punctuate their sentences properly. Then there's the whole 'there' and 'their' thing. I mean how difficult can that be?
Also they're.
The "alot" and "allot" make me cringe - it's "a lot", two words
It's pronounced as one word, which is why I think a lot of people misconstrue its correct written form.
People who are so small minded that they treat anything new and different like a small child treats boiled okra and spinach.
boiled spinach is how my mom prepped it all my youth, upon service, we added butter and lemon juice, quite good really
your mom added lemon too? :)
-Typical Mormons
-Rude/Mean People, who when called on it, think I should get over it because apparently the world is a cruel and unforgiving place and the only way to get anything is to take it....
-Idiots "on my side" who make my argument look bad to others
-People who think that addictions are as simple as a lack of "self control".
-Friends defending someone who hurt you
-People focused on physical attractiveness (who make you feel like crap because they say people prettier than you aren't good-looking).
-Sunburns, and girls who continually smudge orange paint on themselves and call it a tan.
-When someone explains that they're not racist because they think all Black people are cool.
-Having to watch a sports game because that's what your friends are doing
-Ignorant groups on facebook that you can't comment on without joining
-Forgiving and praying for rapists (See previous)
-When girls say they "do all this" for men.
-When people you hardly know touch you. A lot.
-Neighbors or friends who won't leave you alone.
-How when someone has morals, they're a hero, and when you have morals, you need to chillax.
-My teachers' complete mockery of separation of church and state ("And that's why carbon dating is bunk...")

Wow these make me sound like a horrible, bitter person. :D I'm pretty nice, really...
Oh and people who open bags of food and don't close them!!! Gaahghdhh... Or stick their fingers in the peanut butter... Talking to you, Dad...
and tourists who pack all their possessions in little grocery bags and continuously open and close, and roll, and unroll, open and ... you get the picture, you're in a dorm with 20 other people and this one idiot thinks it's ok to do the crinkly grocery bag thing at any hour, over and over again

and those who similarly will unzip, zip, unzip, zip their luggage dozens of times while others a sleeping nearby, aaarrrggghhh
Have you seen those new biodegradable potato chip bags? Just grabbing one is like jumping into a pool of crinkle! Very loud indeed.


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