For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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ruin every bodies dreams

ahem... wouldn't want to rain on your parade...
"Oh and I hate it when people get pissed off at me for correcting them"

It is patronising and bad manners to correct another adult. It's something you would only ever do to me once.
I'd rather be corrected and have proper knowledge than continue on in error. It's all about being open minded...
It sounds more like it's just about not getting butthurt.
butthurt? what is that?
I hate it when people correct me but there's nothing to be done. Usually though they're just asserting their own opinion at me. I had a fight the other day about whether more people would like pepperoni pizza or like combination. Pepperoni, obviously. Half my family won't eat combination. It's probably the stupidest conversation anyone could have but I still went berseker. :D
stupidest argument I had, well didn't really cuz I walked away...

This person asked me were I was from, so I say Quebec, they say what town, I say Carleton, they say isn't that in New Brunswick?.....

I'm like yeah, great idea to argue with someone about the province their birth town is in... duh!
Heh. I had someone argue with me about the origins of my surname.
People who wait in line (drive thru or inside) for a long time, and when it's time to order, they don't know what they want, and start to ask the people with them what they want. Yeah, i know that they might not know the menu, but it still bothers me. Also people who flick cigarette butts onto the road and think it's not litter. They are clueless about why i'm looking at them like i want to kill them.
Why the hell do people litter anyway??? It's just not logical! I was sitting with my friends the other day about 10 meters from a bin and one of them flicked a piece of aluminium foil onto the oval. Why??? Your destroying the environment and forcing yourself to sit in knee deep garbage! I glared at her and told her to pick it up and she just shrugged at me. I can't remember but I think I forced her to pick it up...
I do not smoke. My cohabi-tater does not smoke. However, every week I'm picking up cigarette butts that people have tossed out the window onto our land. We don't even live on a road that is incredibly traveled. I would hate to think what would happen if we did. The worst abuse was when some jackhole stopped in our driveway late at night and dumped the contents of their full ashtray out.

If people didn't already know, cigarette butts are a problem in the environment.
I live on a well traveled street, you should see the amount of shit that builds up on my front yard. Cigarette butts, pop and beer cans, candy wrappers all decorate my lawn. Although, I did find a working watch once and a pocket knife another time.


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