For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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I need one for my cats.
People in general. I work with the public. Retail.

People are in such a goddamned constant rush and are so shallow and apathetic about their surroundings, including other people, that they will break their necks to cut people off or shove past them in crowded places, and act like general pricks. Then, you have people who will knock over a whole container of detergent and not only fail to tell anyone about it, letting people make a bigger mess by walking through it, but fail to even pick up the said container....because the stupid cows or bubbas are too busy yapping on their cellulars to have a split half second of respect.

I'm not a big crowd person myself, so if I'm exposed to even a small fraction of the crowd 'dodgeball' game either while walking in the store from point A to B or while in the parking lot getting carts and dodging 2-3 cars backing out of their spaces one way and people walking in my direct path the other way, it makes me wanna reflect the negative attitudes I have experienced more than the positive I'm exposed to. Then people jumping in front of me as I reach the corral, instead of waiting one sec for me to push them in. I could easily say I had a hard time stopping and just run over them. That they should have exercised one second of patience as I had that huge load. Not to mention that, with my many years job experience, I have NEVER met a boss who was as big a prick as our current 'Customer Service Manager'. (He's caused at least 3-4 people to quit or transfer and I could write an entire book on things i hate about him and instances of actions by him to illustrate why. I want to punch him in the jugular so bad......and I'm not a violent person. In fact, I often despise overly violent people....I'd make an exception.)

The work environment this guy has created is extremely Nazi-esque, without going into more details and taking a whole page.

People who think retail should have taught me to be more social are NOT on my wavelength. That sort of job is just necessary slavery to make ends meet. I am oft NOT in a social mood and people who think what they see there represents me are too naive to ever 'get' me.

K, enough rambling from me.....I hate the public. I really do.
speaking of which, I'm typing right as i'm about ready to head in.
I'm surprised more people in "customer service" don't get in the top of belltowers and open fire on the crowds below.
lol. Ever heard of that controversial game "Postal"? (it's what it sounds like) I always thought they should do a retail version.
I have not heard of that game, but I do think there should be a retail version.
My most unpleasant crowd ever was the three times my corporate account mandated I shop at COSTCO, housewives in a frenzy, whipping around corners with giant trolleys, not carts not, giant lumber trolleys, then the fight to get into lineups of hundreds of people.

Why anyone in their sane mind would volunteer to shop at COSTCO I do not understand.
Well, I can't say for back home, but when you live abroad and your only hope for comfort food lies in shopping at COSTCO, you suffer through. It works out, though. Usually, there's 3 or 4 of us and we have one person carting, while the other two hunt out what we're looking for and bring back items for the cart. It works out well that way. :D
When people buy a new laptop or tv or something and leave all the shiny colorful stickers on. The ones that are useful in the shop, give u a quick info on what the device does but left after purchase... so cheap!!!
Oh, and the white people thinking that it's not polite to mention someone's race when they describe their looks. Like a woman at my work today: "I'm looking for your colleague, the girl with dark hair". There's few girls at my work who fit that description: a Slovakian, a Spanish, a Japanese, a Bangladeshi and an Angolan. Only one of them is black, and she was the one the woman was looking for! KMT!
One of my favorite dives to get BBQ has a sign on the storefront proclaiming "Fallen off the bone", referencing their ribs no doubt. The man can't spell, but he sure does make good BBQ.
For meat that has 'fallen off the bone', what's so wrong with that?
Advertisements often start with a verb that assumes an unstated preceding phrase...
This may have been mentioned: people who stand too close behind you at the supermarket checkout. Shopping cart in the back of the heel. Or, someone in front of me who forgot something and tries to run and get it.


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