For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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I was watching a show that review video games and they had some clips about gaming competitions. Before the match the contester kissed his cross and mouthed a prayer. He lost. As he walked away he looked up at the sky grimaced and mouthed why. If god existed why would he give a fuck a video gaming competition, like he wouldn't have better things to do like smite people ;) It's even more petty to beg god to win that than a boxing match
When you pray really, really hard for something and don't get it, it means god hates you, and will probably send you to hell.
I dared him/her/it/them to smite me, but they didn't. I suppose they're going to be passive-aggressive and just send me to hell, like Jim said.
I agree. What they should really say is "Thank me I won" .

The religious folks tend to give credit where it is not due. On a deity that does not exist and not on their own abilities. If god had anything to do with it then why did they train, go to practice and work so hard at their chosen sport to get where they are? It was not luck or god it was YOUR ACTIONS that got you where you are.
Defensive people are the worst in my opinions. You know, the ones that take offense at any tiny little criticism.

Overly competitive people as well. For example, this chick in my psych class asked me if I liked Harry Potter and I told her I loved the series.
Automatically, she was like "Oh, well, you definitely don't like it more than me. Like, I drew Hogwarts and hung it on my wall and I memorized the movies AND the books," and then she proceeded to turn into a giant kraken from the sea.
Ugh I hate over defensive people they say something like,
"give me your honest opinion on this sketch" and I say,
"hmm... Well its pretty good but the proportions are a bit out and frankly that nose is a bit stuffed up"
And they get all defensive and say things like,
"Aww well it was only a rough sketch you don't have to be so mean about it" or "Like you could do any better!"
Umm... well you did say be honest
I loved Queen Latifah, I think it in that film with Steve Martin, where she asks her daughter: "do these jeans make my ass look big"
daughter answers: "yes"
Queen: "thank you"

love it!
I am a grammar nazi. It drives me insane when people abuse English. The minor issues that bother me most are "affect/effect," "should've/should of," "their/there/they're," and the like. If people read more, they would know the differences. >.X But the only literature most people nowadays picks up is magazines and Twilight (I want to know how the editors let this book pass).
Oh, thank Darwin, I thought I was the only one.

I abhor Twilight. That word isn't even strong enough. But I can't think of a stronger one.
Oh, there are lots of us. Find the twilightsucks boards. :3
Woulld the sequel be "Roaming in the Gloaming"?
I slept through Twilight... Not just boring, but Sofa King boring!


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