For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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women who do not want their skin to be where his penis has been!!!!!!!

Uh...I'm not real sure I want my johnson hanging around some other dude's dick (who knows where it's been). OTOH, I'm not all that adverse to something that wants to hug my ass.
However, I do have a potty peeve - the fucking spring loaded TP dispensers that you only get a couple of plies of butt wipe at a time.
For sure, I need at least 12 squares, so one by one makes me want to vandalize the thing, which I sometimes do, I get so infuriated.
Researched further, it's not the dick per se but the dribbles the dick tends to leave of the front edge, no front edge, no dribbles for the ladies to sit on ...

I want my skin to touch the least surface possible, having the seat wrap around my ass is unhygienic, specially think of that but crack sweat, seat should not hug but crack all the way up.

And it's bad for posture in addition!
Frankly, I don't want to sit on anyone's dribbles. But I guess we can all take solace in the fact that toilet public seats are often cleaner than your own cell phone.
If only this was all it took to prevent dribbles. I rarely make it to a public toilet these days that doesn't look like someone hung from the ceiling to urinate.
I don't sit..I hover! Great for the quads!
You are welcome to the squat toilets we have here... which I hate... because everyone misses, even the locals. >.< Smells like pee. YUCK!
I hate misue of the word "literally." People use it to add emphasis but they just look like idiots.

Case in point: Oprah had this guy on the show (not that I watch Oprah or anything) who was describing a particularly sad situation he had gone through. In response, many fans of the show mailed him letters offering their condolences and encouragement. Oprah was praising the fans, whose letters "literally lifted him up" when he was feeling hopeless and alone.

Really? So, someone fashioned a rudimentary paper harness out of all the letters which they then used to dangle the guy in the air? Weird thing to do for a guy...
and any use of "irregardless"
it is NOT a word!
the prefix "ir" completely negates what they think they are trying to say!
Bullshit stories about physicists really annoy me. You mostly hear Einstein stories. Like how Einstein was supposedly bad in school or people arguing about his religious beliefs as if it has some sort of relevance to the debate or people who say he was somehow sub par in math (He definitely wasn't one of the great mathematicians of his day however he was still very very good at math, including in his teen years. You really do have to be very good at math to be a physicist even if you aren't "great")

Richard Feynman is probably number 2 in the bullshit stories department. If you really wanna know who he was read Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman, fantastic book.
Maybe they're just advertising their hope for Nuclear Disarmament, which is why the sign was originally designed?

My house is so trendy! It wore a peace sign wreath on its front door last winter.

I don't doubt that some people wear peace signs because they are faddish, but I know people who have been active peace activists for decades who still wear them.


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