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Did this on an old forum I was a part of. Just post what you are currently watching.

Bad Lieutenant.

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Old Boy pretty damn sick and twisted ending, but so fucking cool.
Food Network!!!
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! Off the Hook!
Jonathan Creek
30 Rock on Hulu. :D
Ong Bak Thai Warrior.

Sick movie.
Last night:New series of 'Foyle's War'. Good show and I am in lust with Honeysuckle Weeks.

Just finished watching 'Spartacus;Blood and Sand'. A tour de force in sado sexual violence. Loved it.
Religulous, on YouTube. Most entertaining. Am hoping I can somehow get Sex, Drugs and Religion too, though on my imdb "watch full movie" option, it ain't working.
Charlie Chaplin.
Once Upon in The West.
I have not TV service either, but I DL or watch streaming:
Sons of Anarchy
True Blood

I do love podcasts though. I listen to them in the gym, on walks with the dog, and even to put me to sleep.


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