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Did this on an old forum I was a part of. Just post what you are currently watching.

Bad Lieutenant.

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I'm addicted to Futurama.
Just finished Avatar on Blu-Ray. Not 3-D, but not bad, either. Color saturation on my 42" LG plasma was EXCELLENT.

Toying with digging into some stuff in my DVD/LD collection that I haven't looked at in a while. I'll letcha know.
This amazing video about bible contradictions:
Thanks for posting that - it just went into my Atheist Videos bookmarks! EXCELLENT!
I love NonStampCollector's You Tube videos.
Glee in about fifteen minutes.

Yes, I know it's juvenile and ridiculous. But it's fun and ridiculous. And Jane Lynch is amazing. That's all the justification it needs. :P
Are you kidding?!? Glee absolutely rocks the house!

It's as close to a Joss Whedon show as we'll get without Joss Whedon actually being a part of it. "Veronica Mars" used to hold that title. Now it's "Glee."

Razor sharp wit, a whole lot of I-can't-believe-they-were-allowed-to-say-that-on-network-TV, great singing, and you're right; Jane Lynch is amazing.

Dolphins: Really just gay sharks.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Godless In America: Madalyn Murray O'Hair (4/6)
Just started watching Bones, based on recommendations I've read here.
A pretty bad, but funny movie. I think these twin brothers were in a movie called "The Barbarians". They are body builders with a mullet:) I have a channel called "This". It runs old, lesser known movies. Roddy McDowall and David Caradine are in this. Anyway, it's called "Double Trouble" (1992). Twins - one good cop, one bad one.
Lots of iron chef and redlettermedia on youtube :)


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