Will you celebrate?  Have traditional or non traditional foods?  Watch a movie?


My family is nontraditional.  My partner grew up in China.  He emigrated to the US as an adult.  So our family merges different traditions.  I would as well have dumplings, as stuffing.  He likes the American holiday foods.  Kind of exotic to him.  They do not have any religious baggage.  What little remains of my family of origin is not close, would not travel here, and has not invited us.  So it's just the two of us.  Plus 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 5 hens.


Someone at work put up a bulletin board, asking what side dishes people like for Thanksgiving.  There were all of the expected.  I added "Pad Thai" just to be different, but it's also true.


We will sleep late.  I will be the first up.

There will be a fire in the fireplace / woodstove.

I will make a breakfast, something with eggs.  Maybe omelets and pancakes.  Some juice. 

Some special treats for the dogs.

The meals will include

Homemade bread rolls.

That green bean casserole made with onion rings and mushroom soup.

Candied sweet potatoes.

Pumpkin pie.  Or squash pie.  I haven't decided yet. 

Maybe even mince pie.

If partner wants turkey he will have it.  As a vegetarian, I don't eat birds but he does.

It will be quiet.

We will not go to the stores and participate in mass shopping chaos.

Some time during Thanksgiving weekend, there may be dumplings.  Or we can be lazy and have pierogies.


I feel so fortunate this year.  While the origins of the holiday are filled with nuances of religion, colonialism, the beginning of the end for Native cultures, for me it's a time to feel gratitude that this is a time of peace for us, that we are together, that I didn't die in surgery, and my cancer isn't wreaking more havoc than it has.  That we have a place which is a refuge, away from the masses and chaos.  That the doggies love their human family and are such affectionate companions.  That we have reasonably secure jobs - compared to many others - food, nice shelter, a place to putter, health care coverage, savings, are not personally involved in a war, that we live in a country that accepts us more than any time in our history, as do my coworkers and employer.  That we are not dealing with addictions, personal violence, or worse.


For a little while I'll feel life is good.  That's not bad.



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Got a great recipe for it, if you ever want it.

Punkin' Chunkin'!!!  My MAN!!!

I like the  trébuchet category. Not being an engineer, I haven't the vaguest clue how the darned things work. But, they're sure as hell impressive!

I dig the trebuchet myself for all the different ways they can be executed.  Still ... it's THROWING PUMPKINS!  Grand, reasonably mindless fun!


We really ought to have a Punkin' Chunkin' here in Pumpkintown, South Carolina.  About the closest we come is too much Jack Daniels and pumpkin pie and .. well, never mind.


No reason why you couldn't start a new tradition!  Southern-Fried Chuckin'!  Why not?

My wife and I have four grown kids; three will be here with their families.  We'll have the usual like many of you, but with two possible additions: bisque of clam and chicken -- the first time we made it, it became an annual tradition, and since my wife was born in Texas, pecan pie with a twist: added chocolate.  We avoid any talk of religion; our youngest son and I aren't, but the older son is Texas Independent Baptist -- they consider Southern Baptists too liberal.  My wife and daughters (one can't come from Virginia to New Mexico) are liberal protestant.  And four of our seven grandkids are humanists.  Nice folks, all.

That's probably going to be part of my day also, especially because that can has exactly the number of remotes that I have : )

I may get invited to my religious brothers house for thanksgiving.  The offer of a good meal will be tempting, but I'll probably say no because I can't stand to hear him and others pray and talk about religion, letting me know they are still in the brainwashed state.  I especially get quite sad hearing them indoctrinate the poor little ones.

So, I'll most likely be alone at home.  I won't cook anything special, but will probably buy a turkey at WinCo Foods on the third of December when I receive my Social Security pay.  They have very good prices on them if you purchase $50 worth of food.

I'll probably watch part of the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.  

If I were in Sentient's neighborhood, I'd take him up on his offer of dessert at his house.

Wonder if statistically atheists are more likely to be cat people. (Or cat AND dog people, with a special connection to cats.)
Oops-- I see this subject (atheists being cat or dog people) was discussed thoroughly four years ago somewhere here on some forum. I like both dogs and cats for different qualities but have never had the opportunity to have a long term relationship with a dog.

B.K, It's here.

I will see if I can bump it into the present tense.  Lot of different changes in "Nexusland" since then.  A topic of great interest to all of us!


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