What are some of your favorite rebuttals when someone questions your atheism?

Especially when they say something that makes you feel like an insensitive human being.

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Double Ouch!!

I say:


I stopped practicing superstition in all its forms.

A free-thinking friend told me recently that she regularly lunches with some people, and an Xian in the group had told her I'm a member of the Church of Satan.

I asked her if she knew where I could find a Church of Satan nearby.

A few days later she very happily told me she'd taken my query back to her lunch group and they'd howled with laughter.


When an Xian scolds you, ask if s/he knows where there is a Church of Satan you can go to.


Well, at least they seemed to have an open mind!


I say that atheism is much more reasnable.I think too much to swallow abunch of nonsense.A person I thought was a friend decided I was bad and dammed to hell because of my non belief.It doesn't happen often thankfully.

I like Penn Gillette's (Penn and Teller) response:

When someone asks me why I don't believe that we were created as humans, but instead believe that we evolved to become humans:  I take a fossil out of my pocket, hold it up in front of them, and say "Fossil!"

If they still don't get it, I throw it just over their head.


He must keep alot of fossils in his pocket!
I try not to tell my friends. Only one friend really knows. As a mom, it can really affect how other moms view you and if they want their kids hanging out with yours.

Another good joke to throw at the fundies, if they bring up the "You can't see air, but you believe in air?"

I reply that although we can't see air, when we condense air we get liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, but when we condense God all we get is bull shit.  :-) 

An excellent reference, regarding the Bible and science is Julia Sweeney's DVD or CD titled, "Letting Go of God".  It is very humorous and informative.
When I am confronted with them saying I am insensitive or cold due to my lack of faith I like to ask them how that is so? I am a good person, I am caring and helpful and I do it for me and not to get out of punishment later. I was raised to look out for other people. I do not think I am being watched by a divine Judge or any crap. I just behave nice to be nice. What about them. If they do the same then why do they need God?


You can quote Christine O'Donnell and say 'lets not go there'.


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