What are some of your favorite rebuttals when someone questions your atheism?

Especially when they say something that makes you feel like an insensitive human being.

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When I'm asked why I don't believe in God, I ask "Which one?"


About as nice of an answer as you can get, and a very good one!
I once had an evangelical believer (in-law) lecture me that my kind is what’s wrong with the world. I found myself getting upset not because I didn’t have a comeback… I have plenty of that. But because discussing the matter with them is like talking to a wall. They do not listen… they don’t care if they are wrong. There’s no point in debating them.

But to answer your question – my rebuttal question to Christians is
“had Jesus never performed any miracles, would you still believe he is God?”
Just have to pick your battles sometimes. That's when you come here to vent.


    When the subject comes up, I say with all the sincerity I can muster.

    Oh... you're a Christian... I'm so sorry.

    After a few seconds of no response, I change the subject or walk away when I can.

I now worship Phillip Jackson Armstrong. :P

Me too :)


I love the P.J.A fan club. Wish I could keep a straight face and say this, too.


 It's actually easy when you really mean it. And I do.

In case anyone hasn't voted yet on inclusion/exclusion of "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, here's the link to the single-question poll:  www.azcentral.com/12news/

(scroll down -  right-hand side)

Which version of which one(s)? A Catholic, a Charismatic , and a member of Westboro Baptist do not worship the same God...even if they use the same names and texts- So far, all Christians agree with me on that...but do not find anything wrong with it...oh yeah, that's right, they practice "true" Christianity.


We cannot all be right, but we can all be wrong.


"I contend that we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer God than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all other possible Gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."-Stephen H. Roberts

Sheeeeeit!! Jesus can't even walk on water any more; his feet leak.


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