What age did you become an atheist/agnostic and why?

Sorry if this has been asked before.  i was raised in a christian home (Still kinda am) and i became atheist at the age of 16.  i had been a christian since i was born (not technically) but when i was 14 in 2009 my granny died suddenly. i prayed all day hoping that "god" would save her. but that didn't happen so about (insert day/month) after that happened i started searching online for the truth about "god" and came across a few things that challenged my religious beliefs so i become an agnostic cause i didn't know what to actually believe. when i was 16 i discovered Dawkins witch turned me into a complete atheist.

if that was hard to read i apologize.



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Dad was a functional atheist who never spoke of it except perhaps to say, "Don't give me that nonsense" when being proselytized. Mom was a cultural Southern Baptist who valued free thinking but nonetheless felt that church and tradition were important. I remember Christmas just before I turned 4. I had figured out the Santa thing and that adults could lie, which rocked my little world. I resisted going to church with Mom because it seemed to me like the adults there were acting crazy, and that scared me now that I knew that they may not be trustworthy. Mom made a deal with me, saying, "You needn't be pious but you shouldn't be ignorant". I was to read the Bible, first word to last, and be prepared to discuss it with her every night. I was 6 years old before I finished, and by then was certain that God was bad fiction. I read the entire book again as a teenager when I was thinking of becoming a Zen monk. I felt that if I were going to commit to a doctrine I ought to be sure that I understood the one in which all of my friends & family believed. That second reading reinforced and hardened my antipathy for Christianity, and further made me averse to any sort of religion at all.



27 :) I was going through a rough time. I was raised catholic. I was praying at bed time, and out of the blue, i stood up and asked myself "what are you doing?" I rejected god right there. I still don't know what triggered it. It was very sudden. My life seemed much clearer after that. I probably felt that i had no control and just had my fill right there at that moment. 

Gave up religion by teen years when it was clear it was man made.

Finally concluded there were no gods in my 20s when I finally admitted to myself there was zero evidence of  existence.

I am 16 as well. I went to a Catholic school most of my childhood. Ironically this was probably one of the factors of why I became a strong atheist. HOWEVER, the ultimatum factor that turned me to atheism was logical fallacies. I learned about God of the Gaps, Correlation does not equal Causation, and Equivacation Fallacies. Logic Be With You.

I was born to a christian-origin dad and a muslim-origin mom, both agnostics. My grandmothers from both sides are religious and each wanted to get me to her side. Obviously, they both failed. I became a Diest, agnostic, and then an atheist at the age of 12. It was gradual. The reasons that mainly contributed to my atheism are: 1) Science 2) Human History and Mythology 3) How clearly God/Gods are man made :-)

I've been a feminist and a humanist since my early years. Violence against Women, children and migrant workers always disturbed me.

My favorite author is Richard Dawkins and I would love to meet him one day


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