We found out how my daughter passed her algebra class!!!!

My daughter has had a lot of trouble passing her algebra class at her university.  She just CANNOT do algebra.  She failed last sememster, then worked her butt-off this semester.  Lots of stress, worry from my DH about paying for another failed class, etc.  She pulled it off by the skin of her teeth. YAY!  BUT.  Here is where we were stupid.  Our next-door neighbor who is a very good neighbor and a really nice person (as is her husband), brought us xmas cookies (yum!) and told me that she was so happy my daughter had passed because she and her husband had PRAYED for her to pass!!!  WOW!  We thought it was my daughters spending a whole semester spending hours in the math-lab getting tutored, staying up all night studying, etc.  and here ALL she had to do was ask our neighbors to pray for her to pass!

(sorry I sound so mean, but really? That's like Tim Tebow (sp?) thinking jesus makes him win football games when there are kids dying in horrible pain in the world.  BTW SNL had an Excellent  skit of jesus and Tim Tebow in the locker-room after a game. Hilarious.  Look it up on YouTube!)

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Well, unfortunately (or fortunately?), we basically paid $160 to find out that my daughter is in the 99th percentile for reading/spelling (which we knew), and in the 37th percentile for math (which we figured).  The lady said she must have had math-trauma at some time during her schooling. WHAT??????  She also told her she has anxiety. REALLY? GEE, maybe that's why she's been on anti-anxiety meds for years.  But she does NOT have any learning disability.  Okay, so she'll have to take the one college math course she needs to get her degree.  Even if we have to pay for it twice and for tutors.  Such is life.

Darn booklover, did you forget to ask your neighbors to pray she had a learning disability? ;)

Your post makes me think of my last one, "Pet Peeve & a Rant." It's amazing to me how xtians give their god credit for good things even in the face of horrible tragedy, while somehow not blaming him for the bad.

....at least they brought you yummy cookies, lol.

Carla, we laugh whenever they bring us baked-goods (when they leave of course).  We say they put secret "xtian sprinkles" in them to convert us, LOL.  We actually appreciate the treats of course, and they are really nice neighbors, but I'm sorry , they are just off their rockers!~


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