The evacuation line is now about two blocks away from our street, but fortunately the fire is much farther. However the Santa Ana that pushed the fire west will give way this evening to the more usual ocean breezes that flow east and that could bring the fire to us. Here is a picture from shortly after the fire started this morning. All the area in the picture has been evacuated. The chaparral in the foreground makes good fuel once it catches.

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Zen gardens are GORGEOUS!

Our front lawn greening up after getting rid of the snow a few short weeks ago.

We have had restrictions on watering lawns and washing cars so our lawns don't look this good.

Can you water the lawn in the middle of the night?

That is what I always did. Everyone has irrigation systems that operate on a timer. The middle of the night is a good time since the water soaks in instead of evaporating, but we are limited in that.

The water company now imposes additional costs for exceeding a standard allotment. The problem is that they do not read the meters regularly any more. They charge on a basis of previous usage and then catch up every once in a while.

It's very difficult since the water company does not know how many people live in the house.

We're restricted as well as we haven't been getting the snow pack we need. Everything is dry, especially the forests. It's a nice green right now but it won't be long where the watering won't cut it.

home owners assciations can be a form of tyranny.
Joan your yard is beautiful!

I enjoy looking at the zone- appropriate xeroscaped yards in the desert cities too. I hope the also grow some decorative food plants, like citrus and opuntia.

My friend in Mission Hills who traded her lawn for rocks, gravel. and a couple of "artistic-looking" boulders, grows "baby" lettuce and tiny tomatoes in large half-barrel shaped pots in her patio.  They use less water that way, and she dumps used coffee grounds in the pots for mulch.  I'm not crazy about the red lettuce, but the tomatoes are die-VOON!

She used to have a couple of terracotta strawberry jars years ago, but they got crushed when her cinder-block wall fell on them in the '94 earthquake.  She just never replaced them.

When I was living in Pasadena, in the Los Angeles area, I sometimes left my windows open at night with no windowscreens.  All sorts of beautiful and strange bugs flew in.

I have a cricket in the house now and can't locate him, but other than spiders who come in asking for water, we don't see many bugs inside. We are especially short of flying insects, which makes it hard on the spiders.

Be safe and prepare to leave at a moments notice.


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