this is being discussed elsewhere, but i think this needs some discussion here.  

i'm curious how this ends.  like most comments i've seen, i don't wish to see this man die.  yet i can't help but marvel at the sheer insanity of it all.  will he see this all the way through?  will health officials intervene?  can they?  will his family allow him to die for his cause?  if so, will he become a significant martyr for the discriminatory crowd?  

there are some high profile politicians in Utah.  i'd like to hear what they have to say about this.  

then, of course, there is the cause itself.  he, like many devout people, believes that homosexuality is a sin so any union between same sex people should not be recognized by the gov't.  that's the crux of it at least.  i'm always amazed that people can get so worked up about an issue that has exactly zero impact on their own lives.  the argument that i use, which is quite simple, is that if you don't like gay marriage don't get gay married.  problem solved.  but it's so incredibly important to this man that he's willing to risk his health while having no chance of actually effecting policy.  this, to me, seems important.  since the policy can't change until it works its way through the courts, he's likely going to have to go without food for a long long time. which means that this will play out one of three ways:

1.  he dies

2.  he caves

3.  someone intervenes

i'm leaning towards number two, but i'll be keeping my eye out for one or three.  


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And millions of so-called civilized people still believe this twisted shit!


I find it helpful to keep in mind that some of us have evolved further away from pond scum than others.

How to recognize the more evolved?

Look for people who cooperate with other folk.

BTW, when I'm not pissed at what humankind do, I refer to my distant ancestors as blue-green algae. When I'm feeling analytical I refer to them as cyanobacteria.

Except for rape and child abuse, sex (between consenting adults) ranks with making engravings, or "molten images" as a harmful activity.

Many decades ago, when I was in a state college but still a Catholic, a priest told some assembled Catholics that if we masturbate too much we might lose our faith.

He left out the intermediate step; if people masturbate they might start thinking. Then they lose their faith.

I don't remember ever being afraid I was gay, at least conciously, but when I was active in the church, I was afraid of and repulsed by gays.  I don't know how much of that was due to church teachings and how much from my mother's negative attitude about sex.

Whatever the reason, after dropping the church BS, I very quickly dropped the fear of gays, and the repulsion is becoming less and less as time goes on.  I could even see myself in a gay relationship under the right circumstances, even though I'm still very attracted to females and usually repulsed by males showing too much skin. : )

Honey, I didn't even know what "gay" or "queer" meant till I was about 18, and had been working with a whole chorus line of mostly gay men (and a couple of women, too) for nearly a year.  In high school, I thought "queer" just meant odd in general. The boys who were teased as being "queer" were more scholarly, or musicians, didn't go out for football, stuff like that.  Some dated girls, and some didn't.  BFD. 

I have never been interested in anybody else's love life except my own (such as it was...mostly boring. For some reason I was attracted to musicians.), or when my friends came to me with problems concerning their own boyfriends and husbands. Not that they ever listened to me.

I came very close to marrying a Catholic...even took a catechism class. What a disaster that would have been!  I finally figured out that if he wouldn't marry me unless I converted to his religion, he didn't love me for myself, and got the hell out.

Your wisdom came early!

Spud, I identify with that.

Sexual experimentation is normal among both sexes and starts at an early age.  The ones who are obsessed are, usually, the ones who are very much afraid of their religion.  Gods punishment can be cruel in their eyes.  lol

SecularCortex13.x, I agree. 

Let the guy die.....

Dustin, that would suit me just fine. 

Yep.  Who needs people like that?

I meant to add, "except as a bad example" to the above comment, but I was fixing a cup of tea, and the "Edit" time ran out.

Oh, well.  T'was good tea (Stash House Blend...loose leaf)


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