Do you or should you use such phrases and words despite being Atheist? I'm not sure, but I am very guilty of using them anyways, mainly cause of the culture I grew up with in the US. A smidgen of me enjoys knowing that it is meaningless to me but pokes at the offending religion that is Christianity. I really should be a better person and just drop them from my vocabulary completely, yet I have the thought that it would just look like I am justifying or giving power to that religion over me. Your thoughts?

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During certain intimate moments, "oh god" and "oh jesus" just seem natural.   I grew up Baptist.


I use oh my god a lot. try to say oh my gosh but not really used to that :S

I like using God damn it, it's even better in Dutch, you really get the frustration out that way. I cringe when I hear a guy say:'Oh my word', it sounds so... yuk. But I guess that's just me. 

Mark Twain was given to swearing and his wife tried to cure him of it by starting to use foul language herself. He told her: "You've got the words, but not the tune."

The computer is the most frequent object of my swearing, but it doesn't seem to take it to heart. That could be an attractive new feature—a computer that cringes when you curse it out.

Sam Clemens has always been one of my heroes. You've cited one example amongst thousands that keep him at the top of my list.

When I get to Hell, I'm going to request a room next to his, goddamit!

Oooooo, me too Mordekhai!  BTW I'm 'jewish' according to the 'rules' also.  My mom, her mom, etc. Even though my mom and grandma were and are Atheists.~ Melinda

Melinda, are you from Delphi? I was El Judio Bravo there and I knew a Melinda in the atheist forums.

Hey!  My Friend!  It's ME!!!  Yay, you are here!!!  Missed talking with you!!! :)

He's a big hero for me too.  Antiwar in wartime, antiracist in a racist era, critical of religion.  

Sam Clemens could be plucked from his own time to ours and not bat an eye.

Then he'd take a good look around, analyze what he could see, and say, "Goddamit! You imbeciles, for all your pretty toys, haven't learned a fucking thing!"

He truly owned "a pen warmed in Hell".  :-)

That is so true! lol


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