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UK: Christianity a official minority. (some REAL good news!)

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Right now Americans are too busy defending their right to carry guns so that they can protect themselves from deranged lunatics carrying guns, to worry about having equality for gay couples.  Give it 5 minutes and they'll find something else to obsess over.  Oh, shiny!

I was thinking less of other distractions (which are multiple) and more of the steady advance towards gay equality in several states and the federal fixing of  DADT.



Welcome though these all were, I thought it worth pointing up the contrast between a national government making civil partnerships first of all possible, then passing a bill which mandated their equality, then the law courts permitting a test-case (damned activist judges) which in judgement came down against a religion and citing the secular creed in that judgement that religious ideas don't deserve protection simply becuase they are religious but if they have merit in and of themselves is something worth celebrating.


Would the federal government ever be so bold?  Like I said something worth celebrating.



Richard, I agree with you totally.  US government acceptance of same sex relationships, or of full equality of LGBT people, is still a pie-in-the-sky dream.  I honestly don't believe it will ever happen.  I would like to be wrong.


Every step in the right direction is laudable.  I'm really glad to see it and glad you posted on the news.  


I wonder now, if the B&B was muslim would the result have been the same?

Awesome!!!! :) woo hoo!!! 


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