New Scientist and Richard Wiseman are launching probably the biggest remote viewing experiment ever undertaken using Twitter.

This should be an interesting space to watch.

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I can see you right now, mate.
Am I naked and covered in vaseline ?
It's a micro blog for reetards that seem to think that what they're having for breakfast is of interest to the entire planet. The fact that it is a magnet for self-obsessed imbeciles makes it an ideal tool for this kind of experiment.
Mayo: See my comment above. Twitter is perfect, precisely because it is such a magnet for people you really want to have nothing to do with, and its as close to real-time as you can get. Additionally, both New Scientist and Richard Wiseman have excellent skeptic credentials.

Friar Mike: I bet they'll find nothing as well. At the very best, as happens a lot with these types of studies, there will be a statistical anomoly showing the "psychics" are even more wrong with their guesses than the average should be. This, of course, usually gets accepted as "proof" of the paranormal, using the perverse logic that only spooks possess.
[Drum roll...]

The staggering results.


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