I especially like the second one!

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Good job Booklover.

Excellent ... all of 'em!

Yay!  They are all my favorites!

Outstanding, Melinda. My fav is the one on Pat Robertson!

The second one is my choice too.

I'm so glad all of you liked them!  They are fun to find and post!~ Mindy, aka Melinda, aka booklover ;)

Gotta hand it to those Episcopalians..It's only a matter of time before his handlers pull Pat off the air. He's become very brazen in his old age and a thorn in the side of the 700 club. I believe he's becoming senile. Thanks for posting these, they're fun.

You're welcome Peter!  I totally agree about Pat and his 700 club! ugh!

Peter, you think Pat is becoming senile?  He's already there.  Been there for years already.  You mention his "handlers."  How appropriate.  I would love to be a fly on the wall when they start filming his television segments.  I can just imagine that even his zealously religious staff must be cringing at the antics of their boss.  

Becoming more senile..and I mean rather quickly too. Each time I see one of his little "excerpts" he seems to have slipped one more cog. For the life of me, I can't understand how they can air most of what he says. They must have huge cutting-room floor archives. Maybe someday, we'll get to see some.

Or..... this is what his target demographic of contributors is paying to hear.

My parents were watching reruns of Lawrence Welk probably 30 years after he was off the air. The watched because they liked him.n People who pay to watch Robertson are the same way. When his target demographic quits paying, he is over too.

Can I ask a favor here? Can we be clear what "Pat" we're talking about? LOL


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